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The closing act of George Floyd’s story hasn’t been written yet

BY: - May 25, 2021

I’d like to believe that the Black Lives Matter marches against police brutality that erupted a year ago in the U.S. and around the world in the wake of George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer were the first act of that show.

Tempe black lives matter protest

Political prosecutions could increase if harsh anti-First Amendment bill becomes law

BY: - February 9, 2021

If the bill passes, people making their voices heard with tactics from the Civil Rights era — like sit-ins, boycotts, and the March to Selma — could be charged with felonies that carry prison time.

GOP bill in House targets Black Lives Matter protests, critics say

BY: - January 25, 2021

Republican lawmakers are responding to the weeks of protests in the dead of summer in 2020 denouncing the local and national deaths of Black people at the hands of police locally by looking to create felonies for people convicted of “violent or disorderly assembly.”

‘They want to ruin us’: Activists say police, prosecutors use targeted arrests to chill protests

BY: - October 22, 2020

On the afternoon of Oct. 3, Lee Percy Christian III, a young Black activist who’s spent months protesting the deaths of Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement, was again speaking to a crowd of hundreds in downtown Phoenix. 


The county attorney misunderstands why our community doesn’t trust law enforcement

BY: and - September 30, 2020

Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel recently declined to bring charges against George Cervantes, the Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper who shot and killed Dion Johnson, an African American man sleeping in his car on Memorial Day. 

Videos show moments before Phoenix PD dispersed peaceful anti-Trump protest

BY: - June 25, 2020

New videos show the tense moments between police in riot gear and protesters gathered on a crowded sidewalk that led the Phoenix Police Department to fire pepper balls and flash-bang devices on peaceful demonstrators to clear the road in preparation for a President Donald Trump motorcade leaving a campaign event in north Phoenix on Tuesday.

Trump protest turns violent when Phoenix PD fires flash-bangs, pepper balls

BY: - June 23, 2020

A peaceful protest of President Donald Trump outside of Dream City Church ended quickly Tuesday afternoon as the president spoke to some 3,000 attendees when Phoenix police officers fired flash-bang grenades, pepper balls and pepper spray into the crowd of more than 200 people, declaring it unlawful. 

Prosecutors drop cases against 4 AZ migrants who could face deportation proceedings

BY: - June 22, 2020

The four Arizona residents who were arrested by the Phoenix Police Department after a May demonstration and later taken into custody by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement won’t face any civil or criminal state charges, according to the Phoenix and Maricopa County prosecutors.  Roberto Cortes, 22; Máxima Guerrero, 30; Johan Montes Cuevas, 22; and Jesus […]

The ‘historical silence’ of the Black workers who made Phoenix prosperous

BY: - June 19, 2020

Big Pete Pearson, Arizona’s King of Blues, writhed in pain every night before collapsing into an unsettled slumber. Markings from cotton burrs pierced his dark, rugged skin and burns from the blistering sun seemed to be tattooed on his hands.

Phoenix PD: ‘Confusion’ caused erroneous felony charges against Dreamers

BY: - June 16, 2020

The Phoenix Police Department said “confusion on the paperwork process” led to felony charges for four Arizona residents after they were arrested following a May 30 protest denouncing the death of Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement.

Thousands turn DPS show of force into a mural for Dion Johnson

BY: - June 8, 2020

The Arizona Department of Public Safety put up fencing around its Phoenix headquarters in late May to stop the family, friends and advocates of Dion Johnson from holding a vigil there. Nine days later, thousands of demonstrators marched to the building, chanting “Justice for Dion!”, and turned the fence into a community mural. 

protest george floyd June 4

Ducey ends statewide curfew, praises peaceful protests

BY: - June 8, 2020

Gov. Doug Ducey won’t extend the curfew he imposed a week ago in response to looting at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall.