Try it yourself: Draw new congressional districts

How the state’s residents will be divided into congressional districts will be the decision of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, which began its work in early 2021. But what would you do if you were able to draw a new congressional map?

Arizona Mirror has developed a tool to let you do just that. The Arizona Mirror Congressional Redistricting Tool gives every Arizonan the ability to divide the state into new districts.


When the blue voting precinct lines appear on the map, click on “Redistricting” in the left sidebar. Then click “Load Existing Districts”.

When the congressional districts show in color, you are ready to begin redistricting. Zoom in a bit and get busy!

For further instruction and useful hints, click on “Open PDF Welcome Guide”. Consider printing the guide for easy reference.

The “Toggle Instructions” button lists the tool’s operational steps. You can open and close those instructions at will.

If you are stuck and really need help, call our helpline at (602) 999-6803.