Only NATO can staunch the bloodbath in Ukraine — and it must

BY: - March 7, 2022

It’s time for NATO to do more than remain on the sidelines as Russian President Vladimir Putin slaughters the Ukrainian people.  Putin has made clear he’s not going to end Russia’s unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine until the fledgling democracy is brought to its knees, even if that means wiping out Ukraine’s decisively outgunned defense […]

Here’s the real state of the union

BY: - March 2, 2022

Listening to President Biden Tuesday night, I wasn’t so much waiting to see if he’d make news as much as I was hoping he’d say something — anything — that wasn’t aimed at helping the Democrats win the November’s midterm elections. Without that win, the president’s agenda could be stopped in its tracks. It’s not […]

If Republicans want to send a message that racism isn’t tolerated, censuring Wendy Rogers won’t cut it

BY: - March 1, 2022

***UPDATE: Several hours after this piece was published the Arizona Senate censured Wendy Rogers on a 24-3 vote. The censure was originally drafted to include reprimands for her antisemitic comments and for “inciting general racial and religious discrimination,” but the language was removed, apparently to win support from Republican senators. Republicans chose to punish Rogers […]

Making the simple impossible: We don’t want to admit the real worker shortage problem

BY: - February 24, 2022

A week ago, I was talking to an educator whose job it is to run training programs for students and adults in higher education. She told me that around a dozen different companies and groups were sponsoring training courses for things like nursing assistants, medical workers, electricians and truck driving. All of the courses were […]

What do we care if Putin invades Ukraine? What if we don’t?

BY: - February 18, 2022

“War, children It’s just a shot away. It’s just a shot away.” — Rolling Stones The invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the ensuing and needless slaughter of thousands of soldiers and civilians, seems all but inevitable now. “So, what do I care?” some of us may be asking ourselves. “It’s not our fight.” I […]

What drives sea level rise? A new report warns of 1-foot rise within three decades and more frequent flooding

BY: - February 16, 2022

Sea levels are rising, and that will bring profound flood risks to large parts of the Gulf and Atlantic coasts over the next three decades. A new report led by scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warns that the U.S. should prepare for 10-12 inches of relative sea level rise on average in […]

Brnovich’s radical and lawless border war opinion normalizes extremism and sets the stage for violence

BY: - February 14, 2022

It’s impossible to overstate just how lawless and dangerous Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich showed himself to be this month when he issued a flagrantly political legal opinion that all but dares Gov. Doug Ducey to declare a literal war and send troops to the border to engage in firefights with drug cartels, human smugglers […]

Jan 6 insurrection coup

What I learned from watching more than 500 videos of the Jan. 6 insurrection

BY: - February 10, 2022

I recently watched hundreds of videos from the Jan. 6 insurrection. Many of the stark moments from the attack on the U.S. Capitol are well-known — the battle at the west terrace tunnel, the shooting of rioter Ashli Babbitt, the desecration of the Senate chamber. But nothing provides the kind of granular and exhaustive understanding […]

Anti-LGBTQ ‘hatred bills’ are dangerous to Arizonans — and bad for business

BY: and - February 8, 2022

While serving as openly gay members of the Arizona House of Representatives, we were both confronted with — and voted against — homophobic bills routinely introduce by far right-wing members of the Republican Party.  Public opinion has shifted substantially since our years in the legislature, and we hoped these attacks on the LGBTQ+ community were […]

Trump continues to threaten violence against those who stand for rule of law

BY: - February 7, 2022

Like his buddy Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump is a thug willing to use violence to achieve what he cannot achieve by legitimate means. He has shown a willingness to do so in the past, and because he himself has paid no price, he is threatening to do so in the future. We know all this, […]

Census undercount and a biased redistricting process may curb AZ Latinos’ growing political clout

BY: - February 4, 2022

It wasn’t so long ago that Latino leaders in Arizona were predicting the community was poised to make major strides in growing its political influence across the state.  Most observers thought the results of the 2020 Census would show the state’s Latino population wasn’t just growing fast, but also becoming a bigger share of Arizona’s […]

Bipartisanship failed on expanding voting rights. Kyrsten Sinema and her backers ignore that.

BY: - February 1, 2022

The corporate establishment wing of the Republican Party that supports U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is aghast that liberals are angry and might hold her accountable for supporting the filibuster, fearful that an electoral defeat would usher in a senator who wouldn’t carry the water for big business. And that’s why the top advocate for big […]