The high cost of prescription drugs almost bankrupted my family. Will Sinema help us?

BY: - October 7, 2021

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in 2007. At just 42, the rapid onset of my symptoms left me bedridden. Everyday felt like a physical battle and the pain and exhaustion I felt was immeasurable.  It took six months of trial and error to find the medication that works for my type of RA. […]

Tune in to the made-for-reality-television 2022 campaigns

BY: - October 6, 2021

Move over Tiger King. There’s a new reality show in town that’s even more outrageous than an exotic cat owner’s murder-for-hire scheme. I call this “show” the Real Politicians of Arizona because, just like the “Housewives” series, there’s plenty of back-biting, sensationalized drama and questionable fashion choices. Taking center-stage in this made-for-TV reality are Republican […]

Bold climate action can’t wait, and it can’t happen if Sinema and Kelly don’t back it

BY: - October 5, 2021

Recently, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema told the Arizona Republic, “We know that a changing climate costs Arizonans. And right now, we have the opportunity to pass smart policies to address it — looking forward to that.” The Senator acknowledged the steep costs of climate change in our state related to larger wildfires, extreme drought, and extreme […]

Climate change will make Arizona’s monsoon more extreme and erratic

BY: and - October 4, 2021

If you’ve never lived in or visited the U.S. Southwest, you might picture it as a desert that is always hot and dry. But this region experiences a monsoon in the late summer that produces thunderstorms and severe weather, much like India’s famous summer deluges. And this year, it generated a lot of rain. July […]

Communities are struggling after Navajo Generating Station closed down. The Corporation Commission must act now.

BY: and - October 1, 2021

For the better part of the past half century, coal was an undeniable part of life in northern Arizona. Whether you’re from the Navajo Nation, one of the Hopi villages or Page, chances are you know someone connected to either Navajo Generating Station or the massive coal mine on Black Mesa that supplied its fuel. […]

Kyrsten Sinema

Kyrsten Sinema is no John McCain, try as she might

BY: - October 1, 2021

I’ve held off on criticizing Sen. Kyrsten Sinema since she entered office in 2018 largely because I’ve always agreed with her on one key point: a bipartisan approach to solving our country’s biggest problems is generally a good thing. The way I see it, our elected officials should wake up every morning and ask not […]

All Arizonans deserve paid leave, not the impossible choices we have now

BY: and - September 30, 2021

As Christians, we are called to live out our values which include care for one another, especially our family. The Gospel story centers on a family, the birth of a young child who needed to be cared for by his parents, demonstrating the sacredness of the place of the family, whether through adoption or birth. […]

Republicans are the clowns in the debt ceiling circus. The act isn’t funny.

BY: - September 29, 2021

It’s way past political cliché, but that old “Popeye” comic strip where J. Wellington Wimpy promises to pay a short-order cook tomorrow for a hamburger he plans to eat today, is still the best way to describe Republican intransigence this week over a vote to extend the nation’s debt ceiling that’s soared past cartoonish farce. […]

Oak Flat is ‘irreplaceable.’ Congress must act now to save it.

BY: - September 28, 2021

Congress now has a historic opportunity to protect American Indian cultural and religious  resources and prevent destructive economic development by enacting the Save Oak Flat Act, which is currently included in the House version of the pending budget reconciliation legislation.  The Save Oak Flat Act (SOFA) would protect a 2,422-acre site known as Chí’chil Biłdagoteel, […]

Mark Brnovich’s stance on the COVID-19 vaccine is irresponsible & unprofessional

BY: - September 24, 2021

A slight majority of Arizonans are fully vaccinated, but there are still thousands of our friends and neighbors who are ending up in ICUs and dying from COVID-19 simply because they refuse to get the vaccine. This shouldn’t be happening in Arizona — or anywhere in the United States, for that matter.  The Donald Trump […]

If Kyrsten Sinema wants to be a bridge-builder, she should start with her own party

BY: - September 23, 2021

There is likely no other Democrat that has taken more fire from her party this last year than Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema. Sinema won the ire of progressives because of her insistence on preserving an archaic Senate rule that has historically been used to hamper civil rights: the filibuster. Democrats fear the filibuster will prevent […]

Paycheck Protection Program

Biden’s American Rescue Plan is working for Arizona

BY: - September 17, 2021

Over the last year-and-a-half, the people of Arizona have faced some truly enormous challenges. From a pandemic that presented the United States government with a crisis the likes of which we haven’t seen in our lifetimes, to historic droughts, to a former president encouraging a violent insurrection — some could say it has felt like […]