LGBTQ kids need protection from bullies and violence, not adults targeting and bullying them too

BY: - February 3, 2023

I grew up in a struggling, post-industrial Ohio town in the 1990s where ignorance and intolerance often reigned. I stood up to bullies my whole life, and when put under physical threat, I fought them. No bully can intimidate me, and so even though I was definitely a weird kid, I was also funnier, smarter, […]

So far away, so close to home: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

BY: - January 27, 2023

On Jan. 27, 1945, Soviet troops liberated the Auschwitz camp complex in occupied Poland. What the Soviet liberators found was grim enough, but most Auschwitz prisoners still alive in 1945 had already been forced by the Nazis on death marches weeks earlier.  An estimated 60,000 of them were brutally driven westward to other camps. Whoever […]

Fear and loathing in the Arizona legislature

BY: - January 26, 2023

The Republicans who run our state legislature are terrified. They’re terrified that their policy proposals are deeply unpopular. Terrified of facing even a tiny bit of accountability. Terrified of anyone knowing what they’re doing or who they’re talking to.  They’re terrified of being forced to work with Democrats. Terrified of compromising even a little bit […]

Ruben Gallego Senate

Ruben Gallego seizes the high ground in the Arizona Senate race, while Kyrsten Sinema is sinking fast

BY: - January 24, 2023

U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego is a Marine Corps combat veteran and it shows, as he guns the engine on his U.S. Senate campaign. He is reading the terrain well, surrounding himself with good commanders and has just seized the high ground. Gallego entered the race for the U.S. Senate race in Arizona and immediately outmaneuvered independent […]

Environmental racism in Arizona, fueled by the presence of military bases

BY: - January 18, 2023

As a global phenomenon, environmental racism occurs when communities of color are disproportionately impacted by toxic exposure because of the neighborhoods they live in. Due to factors such as the inaccessibility of affordable rent or land, historical racism, and lack of power to fight corporations, Black, Latino and Indigenous people are usually forced to inhabit […]

Katie Hobbs may not speak all that loudly, but she has a lot to say

BY: - January 13, 2023

Stop me if you’ve heard this, but Gov. Katie Hobbs is not exactly known for her oratorical skills. She’s no MLK, Jr., or Barack Obama, or, thankfully, Kari Lake, who spent decades behind a mic at the local Fox affiliate honing her speaking chops before taking Hobbs on as the GOP nominee in November. But […]

pre-existing conditions

Time is running out. Get covered by January 15.

BY: - January 12, 2023

If you don’t have health insurance — or just want to explore your options — go to on or before Jan. 15 to get covered with affordable health insurance now. Having and keeping good quality affordable health care is personal for me. The Affordable Care Act saved my life. In 2017, I walked into […]

How the Jan. 6 insurrection led the GOP to its 2023 House speaker farce

BY: - January 6, 2023

When the attack on the Capitol happened two years ago, Americans watched with horror as the insurrectionists tried to stop Congress from certifying the results of the 2020 election. It was also a day that the Republicans set themselves up for not only their 2022 electoral shortcomings, but the coming chaos of the 2023 election […]

Hating ourselves into paralysis

BY: - December 29, 2022

I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice. Robert Frost is on to something. His poem “Fire and Ice,” from which I’ve culled the lines above, contemplates the end of the world by ice: hatred. But how about a nation? Especially one whose self-proclaimed […]

When you tell voters to ‘get the hell out,’ prepare to lose embarrassingly

BY: - December 16, 2022

Kari Lake performed historically badly in her bid to be governor. And there’s no debate about why she and her merry band of MAGA extremists lost all of the top statewide races this year: Republican voters abandoned them. Not that they could ever admit that, of course, as Lake and her allies have spent the […]

The U.S. Supreme Court could fall on this slippery slope of discrimination

BY: - December 14, 2022

Few people like being told what they must do. Lorie Smith is one of them. The suburban Denver, Colo., business owner, a devout Christian, builds websites for customers. She wants to expand her business and begin building websites for couples who are planning weddings. But she is adamant that she does not want to be […]

As an independent, Kyrsten Sinema can play spoiler to Democrats. That’s assuming she runs at all.

BY: - December 9, 2022

Kyrsten Sinema made official today what has been obvious for a long time: She’s not a Democrat. The announcement is certainly not shocking — she ran in 2018 on her independent streak and has legislated that way — but it will have huge electoral ramifications if she chooses to run for reelection in 2024. Most […]