Redistricting commission gives final certification to new maps

BY: - January 21, 2022

Arizona’s new congressional and legislative maps are on their way to the Secretary of State’s Office, the final step required to enshrine them as the official districts that the state will use through the 2030 election. In one last split vote, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission certified the new legislative map on a 3-2 vote […]


Redistricting commissioners exchange accusations, final map certification delayed

BY: - January 18, 2022

Arizona redistricting commissioners spent several hours airing accusations and grievances over the recently concluded mapmaking process but unexpectedly adjourned without certifying the final congressional and legislative districts. The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission gave its final certification to the state’s new congressional map on Tuesday after making a number of minor changes at the request of […]

Candidates won’t be able to collect online signatures in their new districts at all in 2022

BY: - January 13, 2022

Legislative and congressional candidates won’t be able to use Arizona’s online system to collect the signatures they need to get their names on the ballot if they file to run using their new district numbers at all this year. That’s what Secretary of State Katie Hobbs told them in new guidance that wasn’t among the […]


‘Redistricting’ may sound boring, but what if I told you the future of our democracy is at stake

BY: - December 31, 2021

The outcome of the so-called redistricting process well underway across the nation promises to have a profound effect on the lives of most Americans for at least the next 10 years.

Who won and who lost with the new legislative districts?

BY: - December 29, 2021

Political fortunes for a number of incumbent lawmakers shifted last week when the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission approved its final legislative map, granting a reprieve to some who were facing trouble and giving others new headaches as they head into their re-election campaigns. Two of the new districts are shaping up to be intraparty free-for-alls, […]

Report: Census may have missed 48,000 in Arizona

BY: - December 29, 2021

WASHINGTON – The 2020 Census may have missed more than 1.6 million Americans, about 48,000 of them in Arizona, with the undercount disproportionately falling on minority groups, according to a recent report. The November report by the Urban Institute said that no census is ever perfectly accurate and that the 0.5% undercount it estimated for […]

Fractious final day ends with acrimony and accusations as redistricting commission splits on legislative map

BY: - December 22, 2021

After a brief burst of bipartisan consensus in the middle of the process, Arizona’s redistricting commission ended their work Wednesday with an acrimonious split vote and accusations of violations of the state constitution. The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission on Wednesday approved the final congressional and legislative maps that the state will use until 2032. Unlike […]

Heated day of partisan fighting ends with unlikely agreement on congressional map

BY: - December 21, 2021

After a day of accusations, recriminations and partisan sniping, the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission found its way to what seemed like an improbable consensus and paved the way for a possible unanimous vote on the final version of the congressional map the state will use for the next decade.  The AIRC reached an agreement on […]

Commissioners debate competitive legislative districts as final decision looms

BY: - December 20, 2021

Members of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission reached potential compromises on proposed changes to a handful of competitive legislative districts, and are considering a possible solution to the vexing problem of how to balance Native American voting rights against the interests of non-tribal residents in the White Mountains, as they near their self-imposed deadline to […]

Democrats notch big wins in redistricting votes as final maps take shape

BY: - December 17, 2021

Democrats got a pair of big wins Friday in determining the direction of the state’s next legislative and congressional districts when the chairwoman of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission voted to adopt their maps, a rare split in which she went against her Republican colleagues. As its new starting point, the AIRC is using a […]

Republicans hold the edge as Arizona redistricting nears completion

BY: - December 17, 2021

Democrats at the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission notched a rare win as the independent chairwoman sided with them on a starting point for the congressional map, only to see the GOP make gains when the new districts were unveiled. In one of those districts, Democratic Commissioner Shereen Lerner and Republican Commissioner Doug York forged an […]

‘Don’t lessen our power’: Tribal voters wait to see how redistricting treats them

BY: - December 15, 2021

With no real public education campaign in place to let Arizonans know even the basics of redistricting, the work of educating voters about the once-a-decade process of redrawing Arizona’s political boundaries fell to advocacy groups. And for groups that work in Arizona’s rural Native American communities, that work was even harder. The Arizona Independent Redistricting […]