Trump coming to Mesa to rally for McSally

President Donald Trump is coming to Mesa Oct. 19 for a rally to support U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, the Repbulican nominee for Arizona's U.S. Senate seat.Most polling of the race shows McSally slightly trailing...

What types of PACs are contributing to Arizona candidates?

Millions in PAC money has already flowed into Arizona this cycle for a variety of causes, from alcoholic beverage distributors to nurses and orthodontists, all looking for representation in Arizona government.But all PACs are not created equal.Some have have amassed far larger war chests than others and are flexing their spending muscles this election.

Clean Energy campaign targets state Senate, Corporation Commission races

Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona, the campaign committee supporting Proposition 127, filed campaign finance reports this week disclosing that it is spending nearly $55,000 apiece opposing Republican state Sens. Sylvia Allen and Kate Brophy McGee, who are running for re-election, and House Speaker J.D. Mesnard, who is running for an open Senate seat in his legislative district.

Early voting for 2.5 million Arizonans is underway

If it seems like there’s even more campaign ads on television than in the past couple of weeks, that’s probably because early voting begins today.

Polling 101: What to look for in a poll

Elections are fast approaching, and with that will come an emphasis in the media on polls.

Ducey reporting some PAC contributions as coming from individuals

The Arizona Mirror has been publishing an ongoing series about money spent by Political action committees in races in Arizona.But individual donations can be just as important, if not more so in some...

Clean Energy campaign to spend “millions” against Brnovich

As the election season heads into the home stretch, the campaign for a ballot measure that would mandate a dramatic increase in renewable energy use has largely shifted its focus from Proposition 127 to defeating Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Which Arizona House candidates are getting PAC money?

This is the third in an ongoing series that examines spending by political action committees.Political action committees, commonly known as PACs, are a major way for candidates to raise money for their campaigns.In...

Developmental disabilities service providers say state funding for minimum wage increase lagging

State funding for organizations that care for people with developmental disabilities isn’t keeping up with Arizona’s rising minimum wage, and the groups that contract with the state to provide those services are feeling the...

Arizona Democratic Party spends big for secretary of state, not for governor

The Arizona Democratic Party is spending heavily on television ads to help Katie Hobbs in the race for secretary of state, but hasn’t made a similar investment in gubernatorial nominee David Garcia.The party...
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