As a public health crisis looms, anti-government beliefs fuel counterproductive vaccination policies

The dramatic uptick in unvaccinated students in Arizona is what the beginning of a public health crisis looks like. Unfortunately, it’s entirely unclear what policymakers will do about it.

Schweikert sees ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ in ethics probe

Congressman David Schweikert said he hopes an investigation by the U.S. House Ethics Committee will conclude in a few months, and that he expects the issue to be “long gone” by the time he’s up for re-election next year.

Trump signs measure to finalize drought plan

President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed a bill that finalizes the seven-state drought contingency plan.

Ducey signs bill loosening anti-BDS law in attempt to stop litigation

A bill to loosen the rules on which government contractors can participate in boycotts of Israel in an attempt to undermine a lawsuit has been signed into law by Gov. Doug Ducey.

AG opinion from 1956 buttresses ethics complaint against Rep. Kern

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office concluded decades ago that voluntary positions aren’t exempt from the state constitution’s ban on legislators working for municipalities, a potentially bad omen for state Rep. Anthony Kern as he...

Fann holds tuition bill, has second thoughts on its need

Senate President Karen Fann said she’s asking the Arizona Board of Regents whether they need the legislature’s permission to create a new tuition category and plans to sit on legislation to create a new tuition rate for all Arizona high school graduates until she gets an answer.

Hate group Identity Evropa rebrands itself in Arizona

The hate group Identity Evropa is attempting to rebrand itself and has chosen Arizona as its home in doing so.Non-profit news agency Unicorn Riot first reported on the filing with the Arizona Corporation...

Republicans vote down bill to increase statute of limitations on child sex abuse

A bill that would have increased the statute of limitations on civil actions for victims of child sex abuse was shot down during a lengthy and contentious committee debate.

AG slaps down heart of Tempe dark money measure

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office ripped the heart out of a Tempe ordinance aimed at cracking down on anonymous spending in city elections.

‘No promo homo’ came from GOP amendment to Dem bill

Some Republican lawmakers noted that Arizona’s now repealed law barring public schools from providing HIV prevention instruction that “promotes a homosexual lifestyle” was actually passed by Democrats, a statement that’s technically true but doesn’t accurately portray the origins of the controversial law.
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