Wage hikes promised by McSally, GOP, haven’t materialized, but stock buybacks have boomed

Rather than invest in their workforce through new hiring and raising wages, a new report shows that U.S. corporations have bought back a record $1 trillion of their own stock in the 15 months...

Bill to cut student wages on hold in Senate for legal review

The Senate committee that reviews the constitutionality of bills postponed hearing its lawyer’s assessment of House Bill 2523, which would allow employers to cut young worker’s wages.

APS docs reveal it funded 2014 ‘dark money’ effort supporting commissioner’s son

A cache of documents released by Arizona Public Service on Friday confirm what many political observers have long suspected: The utility giant provided funding to a dark money organization that spent heavily to help a powerful corporation commissioner’s son win his race for secretary of state.

Stringer faced charges of paying for sex with intellectually disabled boy

Former Rep. David Stringer faced charges alleging that he had repeated sexual contact with two boys aged 15 and younger, including one who was intellectually disabled, according to Baltimore police records released Friday by the House Ethics Committee.

Bill to cut student wages advances, will be expanded to all youth

A Senate panel on Thursday approved a proposal to allow Arizona employers to pay less than the state’s minimum wage to students who work part-time.

It’s alive: Tuition bill covering dreamers comes back

Sen. Heather Carter has put back in play her proposal to create a new tuition rate the state’s universities and community colleges. While the proposal makes no mention of immigraiton status, it would cover a group known as dreamers that for years has pushed, in the courts and on the streets, for in-state tuition.

Don’t expect much action in the House until Stringer is replaced

Until the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors makes its choice on April 3 to replace disgraced Rep. David Stringer, House Republicans are down to just 30 members, meaning they don’t have the votes to pass any bill that’s unanimously opposed by their Democratic colleagues.

Appointment to Stringer’s vacant seat expected April 3

Rep. David Stringer’s resignation is likely to bring some disruption to the Arizona House of Representatives’ business, but it’s not expected to last for long, as lawmakers expect to greet their new colleague on April 3.

Trump’s Interior nominee plans to wade back into issues involving former clients

WASHINGTON -- President Trump’s pick to become the next head of the Interior Department intends to stop recusing himself from matters involving his former lobbying clients after this summer, the nominee told a key...

Bill would fund homeless programs by taxing out-of-state real estate investors

A bill aimed at helping homeless youth, families and those with severe mental health issues by ensuring out-of-state real estate investors pay more taxes to the State of Arizona is poised to be considered by the House of Representatives.
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