Monday Musings: Will AZ’s GOP trifecta vanish in 2021?

Political junkies who love a good soap opera should tune in to Arizona’s Legislative District 6, where the 2020 election could end the Republican’s “trifecta” control of the Governor’s Office, the State House and the Senate.

U.S. House passes coronavirus response bill; 2 Ariz. Republicans dissent

The U.S. House early Saturday morning approved an emergency stimulus package to combat the coronavirus pandemic after President Donald Trump signaled his support for the bill.

Ariz. Latinos closely split between Biden, Sanders

Unlike the Nevada, Texas and California primaries where Sen. Bernie Sanders carried the Latino vote in large margins over former Vice President Joe Biden, Latino voters in Arizona are split almost evenly among the two likely Democratic nominees for president, according to a new poll by Univision Noticias and Arizona State University. 

Court blocks Fontes’s plan to mail ballots to all MariCo Dems

An attempt by Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes on Friday to address coronavirus fears by mailing early ballots to all registered Democrats who didn’t already request one for the March 17 presidential preference election was blocked by a judge. 

AG: Remote meetings due to coronavirus OK under open-meeting law

In an informal opinion, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said the state’s open meeting law allows for public bodies – like city councils and school boards – to conduct public meetings remotely through technological means as they navigate public health amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Ice cream licking leads to legislation some say isn’t needed

A viral social media trend last summer — people posting images of themselves opening and licking ice cream before putting it back on the shelf — did not sit well with state Rep. T.J....

Measure to study marijuana use, violence clears House with GOP support

Money collected by Arizona’s medical marijuana program would be used to study links between marijuana usage and violent behavior under a proposal approved this week by Republicans in the Arizona House of Representatives.

Legislature limiting public access, approves coronavirus funding

Starting Friday, the Arizona House and Senate galleries will be closed to the public amid concerns about the spread of the coronavirus in Arizona. 

Government watchdog: Trump hasn’t justified BLM move

The Bureau of Land Management is losing at least half of the employees designated to move west as part of the Trump administration’s controversial relocation plan, leaving a bare-bones workforce to lead the agency.

Coronavirus funding, policy changes outlined in request to Ducey

To combat the spread of coronavirus in Arizona, legislative Democrats have asked Gov. Doug Ducey to fund drive-through testing facilities, paid sick leave for Arizona employees and “aggressive cleaning” of public transit vehicles. 
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