GOP proposal would cover pre-existing conditions if GOP lawsuit strikes down ACA

Republican lawmakers are hoping to ensure pre-existing conditions for Arizonans are still covered if they get their wish and a lawsuit against the landmark Affordable Care Act succeeds in striking down the 2010 law that has drastically cut the number of uninsured people nationwide.

Sinema votes to convict, McSally to acquit Trump in impeachment

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday acquitted Trump on charges that he abused his power by pressuring a foreign government to interfere in a U.S. presidential election and then obstructed a congressional investigation into his actions. 

State of disunion: Arizona lawmakers react to Trump speech at tense time

Arizona Republicans said they left the address feeling empowered, while the state’s Democratic lawmakers used terms like “eerie” and “bizarre” to describe the version of America painted by Trump.

Trump gave us a scary, nihilistic State of the Union speech

Impeached President Donald Trump’s one hour and 18-minute State of the Union rant was a new low in American politics, even in these unprecedented times.

Trump made his pitch for 4 more years. Pelosi ripped up the speech

President Donald Trump delivered his third — and possibly final — State of the Union address Tuesday night on the floor of the U.S. House, where he was impeached in December. 

GOP bill expanding vouchers to out-of-state schools clears committee

Native American students would be allowed to use taxpayer dollars to pay for tuition at schools in other states, as long as the school is located within two miles of the Arizona border, under legislation approved Tuesday by the Senate Education Committee.

Firefighter cancer bill clears committee after tearful testimony

After an hourslong debate that included tearful testimony from firefighters and their loved ones, a bill that would require local governments to cover the health care costs of firefighters who develop cancer cleared another hurdle Tuesday afternoon and is now ready to be considered by the full Arizona Senate. 

Two ethics complaint filed against Rep. David Cook

The chairman of the Arizona House of Representatives Ethics Committee on Tuesday announced that two ethics complaints have been filed against Rep. David Cook, a Republican from Globe who has been the subject of news reports showing romantic letters he allegedly sent to a lobbyist from the agricultural industry. 

Guesting game: Lawmakers send messages with State of the Union guests

WASHINGTON – For Michael Waldman, a speechwriter for former President Bill Clinton, the guests at the State of the Union address are “often as interesting as what’s on stage.” “You can tell lot of the...

An open ethics process is essential if Republicans truly want accountability

Republicans in the Arizona State House of Representatives are considering changing their ethics rules to make it more difficult to submit complaints. It’s hard to imagine a worse time for a change like this.  
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