Senate amendment likely kills business-backed ‘youth employment’ bill to slash wages

A legislative proposal to cut the wages of working students is effectively dead in the Senate.

Fireworks salesman backs bill to expand fireworks sale. Why isn’t it a conflict?

There are a few certainties in a legislative session: Fights over the budget will be centered on education funding, Democrats will get upset that moderate Republican peers vote like Republicans, and David Gowan will push legislation to expand the use and sales of fireworks in Arizona.

APS noted the benefits of transparency in 2016

After spending two years getting barraged with criticism for anonymous “dark money” spending in the 2014 election, Arizona Public Service learned two years later that transparency has its benefits.

Somali refugee mom still waiting to reunite with children, husband, after more than 2 years

“Family always needs each other, family helps each other,” Nedifo Halane said in Somali through a translator in her Phoenix apartment.

Arizona’s internationally poor standing on teachers demands action, not a victory lap

New data that shows just how pitifully Arizona stacks up in education, both nationally and globally.

AZ AG: Bill to cut student wages likely unconstitutional

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office says a Republican-backed proposal that would allow employers to pay working students well below Arizona’s minimum wage is unconstitutional.

Gallego: Staying in the U.S. House isn’t ‘the worst thing’

WASHINGTON – It won’t be the end of the world for Ruben Gallego if he stays in the U.S. House for the rest of his political career.

Congressman calls Dem critic ‘little bitch’ in Twitter spat

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar responded to an attack from a Democratic activist by calling him a “little bitch” on Twitter.

Documents: Stringer voiced ugly views on child sex, minorities, poor people

Summaries of interviews and documents provided to the House Ethics Committee that were made public Wednesday paint a vivid picture of former Rep. David Stringer as someone who frequently made comments denigrating minorities and poor people, disliked Mormons and didn’t believe child sex-trafficking either existed or damaged the victims.

Arizona lawmakers have an idea for a reboot of ‘The Purge’

You’ve heard the bill.You’ve read the headlines.Now see the movie.Arizona Republican Party Films presents….THE PURGE!(In booming movie trailer voice.)“In a world where GOP state legislators want to block people’s right to vote just to...
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