Stringer’s seatmates aren’t calling for his resignation over racist remarks

Several prominent Republicans have called for Rep. David Stringer to resign from the Legislature over racist comments he made recently, though his two seatmates in his Yavapai County-based legislative district aren’t among them.

Rep. Stringer loses chairmanship after saying blacks, others ‘don’t blend in’ to America

Incoming House Speaker Rusty Bowers has removed Rep. David Stringer as chair of the new Sentencing and Recidivism Reform Committee after a series of racist remarks he made to college students were reported by...

Pro-McSally ‘pop-up PAC’ spent $56K, including on an airplane banner, right before the election

We now know who paid for the aerial advertising in the days before the November election urging voters to support Martha McSally: a so-called “pop-up PAC” tied to a former Arizona Republican Party chairman.

Lawsuit claims Kyl appointment violates Seventeenth Amendment

A group of Arizonans is challenging Gov. Doug Ducey’s authority to appoint U.S. Sen. John McCain’s replacement in the Senate until 2020 under a novel legal theory that it violates the Seventeenth Amendment to...

Hobbs rebukes Howard Dean over unfounded election ‘cheating’ allegation

Incoming Secretary of State Katie Hobbs took former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean to task on Twitter after he made a baseless suggestion that GOP “cheating” kept Maricopa County a Republican stronghold until a Democrat became county recorder in 2016.

Pastor’s quiet leadership style crossed party lines and cultural barriers

They are flying flags at half-mast in Arizona again for a felled political icon.Unlike the late Sen. John McCain, this long-time public servant was not known for a maverick pugnaciousness but for a low-key...

Arizona Democrats hopeful 2018 laid foundation for future success

Was the 2018 election the beginning of the long-term shift that Democrats have been waiting for? Or will Arizona revert to its Republican mean once the “blue wave” of energized Democratic voters recedes after Trump leaves office?

Conservative economist urges Arizona to pass on windfall from tax conformity

An economist from a conservative policy organization that produces model legislation for states is urging Arizona to pass the savings from last year’s federal tax cut legislation on to taxpayers, echoing calls from some Republican state lawmakers who want a lame-duck special session next month.

Maricopa County saved nearly 7,000 ballots through curing policy

Nearly 7,000 voters would have had their early ballots rejected over problems with their signatures if Maricopa County hadn’t initiated a new policy of attempting to “cure” those ballots after Election Day.

Arizona GOP chairman makes false allegations against Fontes

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Lines falsely accused County Recorder Adrian Fontes of ignoring instructions from the Board of Supervisors to not open several emergency voting centers.