Phoenix overwhelmingly decides to shine light on dark money

Eight months after Tempe voters chose to shine a light on dark money in political spending, Phoenix voters approved a similar measure, setting up a potential legal showdown with the state. About 87 percent...

Arizona GOP threatens legal action over emergency voting, early ballot verification

The chairman of the Arizona Republican Party is threatening legal action against counties that opened emergency voting centers over the weekend or that plan to allow voters to confirm that they signed the early...

Top of the ticket candidates in Arizona make their case in Spanish

When canvassers with Unite Here Local 631 told Maria Aguilar she should vote for Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, the Maryvale homeowner was quiet for a moment while she tried to place the name to a face. “Oh yes, it’s the güerita who’s on, who speaks Spanish,” Aguilar said in Spanish, using the Mexican slang for blonde or light-skinned woman.

More votes cast early in 2018 than in all of 2014

The number of ballots voted early in 2018 has surpassed the total number of votes cast in the 2014 elections, the last time Arizona voters went to the polls to elect statewide officers.

No lawsuit on early ballot verification, but big gains made

Three out of 15 wouldn’t normally be considered a high rate of success, but it counts for a lot when it’s three counties that make up nearly 78 percent of Arizona’s registered voters.

Federal civil rights observers coming to AZ for Election Day

The U.S. Department of Justice is deploying personnel from its Civil Rights Division to four Arizona counties tomorrow to “monitor for compliance with... federal voting rights laws.”

Early ballot trends signal ‘blue wave’ in Arizona midterms

As Election Day nears, Democrats are gaining ground in early ballot returns, buoying the party’s hopes that the “blue wave” will come to Arizona on Tuesday and the minority party will win close elections in a red state.

Arizona ranks low on representation by population

Some people say less is more, but could that old adage apply to representation in Washington, D.C. for Arizonans?

Prop. 306 may not scrap disputed Clean Elections rules

The controversial Clean Elections rules that led Republican lawmakers to attempt to curb the agency’s authority through Proposition 306 may be here to stay, even if voters approve the measure.

National spotlight shines on Christine Marsh

The race for the state Senate in Legislative District 28 got some national press today, courtesy of a piece in Teen Vogue on Christine Marsh’s transformation from high school teacher to Democratic candidate for elected office.
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