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McSally turns a blind eye to the climate change that’s fueling our wildfires and threatening Arizona lives

Sen. Martha McSally is bragging that her team is on the ground helping fill sandbags. Given her refusal to acknowledge climate change, one of the primary factors behind this year’s devastating disasters, that’s nothing short of insulting. 

Judicial screening commissioner: Identity politics fuels critics of ‘white, Christian, cisgendered’ Montgomery

One of the newest members of the commission that vets Arizona Supreme Court candidates said that she believes much of the opposition to Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s candidacy is due to the fact he’s a “conservative, white, Christian, cisgendered, heterosexual male.”

Biggs 1 of only 3 votes against anti-robocall bill

Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs was one of only three members of the U.S. House of Representatives to vote against a bill aimed at curbing robocalls.

Puerto Rican Lives Matter

In Phoenix, about 200 people rallied at the Capitol last week, including Manolo Lago, a local actor, who said, “Puerto Rico has been taking advantage of its citizens for too long. The leaked messages from Rosselló and his cronies have just set that in stone.”

Man tackled by police during ICE protest seeks lawsuit: ‘My arrest is illegal’

Jorge Soria believes police racially profiled him, and Phil Martinez claimed police targeted him. “I know it was not a coincidence that both Phil and I are Latinos,” he said.

Former Department of Education staff says ESA delays predate Hoffman

The official who oversaw the ESA program under Diane Douglas defended Kathy Hoffman’s handling of the program, saying the new superintendent of public instruction’s predecessor had the same problems with delays in approving applications for the school voucher program

Mueller botched Rep. Stanton’s question. The answer: Ronald Reagan

Things got a little awkward on Wednesday after former special counsel Robert Mueller whiffed a softball question lobbed by Arizona Rep. Greg Stanton. 

Advocates decry Trump administration plan to rein in food stamp access

Arizona is one of the 43 states that could be affected by a Trump administration proposal to tighten restrictions on access to food stamps for people receiving other financial assistance, a move that critics say will harm Arizona's working poor.

Former superintendent says no reason for ESA delays, blasts legislature over funding

Former Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas said there’s no reason why her successor, Kathy Hoffman, shouldn’t be able to process school voucher applications within the 45-day deadline established by state law.

Montgomery has fostered anti-Muslim bias and shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court

Montgomery has used his power to perpetuate the hateful and deeply damaging biases vividly depicted in the recently exposed law enforcement Facebook posts. 
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