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Medical professionals concerned about bill to expand short term health plans

The legislature is on the cusp of approving legislation expanding short-term health insurance plans, much to the chagrin of medical groups, who say the plans exempt many medical issues and could leave Arizonans facing staggering medical bills.

Supreme Court ruling could prompt lawsuits over fines and fees in Arizona

A recent U.S. Supreme Court opinion that the constitutional protection from excessive fines and fees applies to local governments could inspire new legal challenges in Arizona, an attorney from the conservative Institute for Justice said.

Arizona tribes push less government, more sovereignty to conservatives

CPAC had never heard a conservative argument from one group of speakers who showed up Thursday to the annual gathering: Native Americans who called for less government oversight on reservations and greater tribal sovereignty.

Refugees gather at Capitol as House approves resolution supporting refugee resettlement in Arizona

Refugee and immigrant families visited the state Capitol on Thursday to support a resolution proclaiming that “members of the Legislature welcome and declare their support for resettling all types of refugees in Arizona.”

Arizona should be ashamed that heavily minority districts are being shorted $129M

Arizona actually notched the highest ranking in a new national study of school districts. Unfortunately, it is cause for embarrassment instead of celebration

House approves bill to cut student wages

With only Republican support, the House of Representatives on Thursday approved a bill to allow businesses to pay working students nearly $4 an hour less than the state’s minimum wage, ostensibly to allow more students to find jobs.

Southwest Key admissions ban lifted at one Phoenix shelter

State health regulators have allowed one of 11 facilities operated by Southwest Key to accept new migrant children after 127 days of an admission freeze imposed under an October settlement, according to the shelter operator.

Migrant youth shelter reform bill approved in Senate

All 30 Senators voted Wednesday in favor of moving forward a proposal to add oversight of facilities that operate shelters for migrant children in Arizona. The measure will now go to the House of Representatives.

Does Bill Montgomery know enough about justice to be one?

He has exactly five years’ experience prosecuting cases — those years are not contiguous — and many of the most serious cases he tried were motor-vehicle offenses.

Measure to cut pay for student workers advances with GOP backing

“Why don’t you want young people to have a job?” Grantham said, in an attempt to appeal to those who oppose his proposal.
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