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Record high revenues for AZ in FY2019 lead to early surplus

State government in Arizona has never in its 107-year history collected more money than it did in fiscal year 2019, which ended June 30, according to preliminary tabulations by legislative budget analysts. That means the state is starting the new fiscal year with a large surplus of cash.

Phoenix Humanists claiming tax break to challenge tax code exemption for churches

The Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix has decided to take aim at part of the federal tax code that gives members of the clergy special tax exemptions that the group feels should also apply to it. 

Phoenix PD justifies tackle of protester, wrongly claims it arrested the man arguing with him

The Phoenix Police Department said it purposely used the “element of surprise” to tackle a man to the ground while he was on a public sidewalk and giving a media interview to the Arizona Mirror during a Friday night protest. 

Arizona has higher unemployment than US, but for good reasons

Arizona’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is well above the national level, but for good reasons as its workforce continues to grow, according to the state’s economic number crunchers.

Puerto Ricans in Arizona demand island’s governor, Ricardo Roselló, resign

More than 150 people gathered at the Arizona State Capitol to denounce corruption and government mismanagement and to join worldwide calls for Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Roselló to resign.

U.S. House rejects impeachment articles for now, AZ Dem delegation split

The U.S. House on Wednesday refused to consider impeachment articles against President Trump, with three of Arizona's five Democrats siding with Republicans to kill the effort.

Tucson to decide on ‘sanctuary city’ ballot measure in November

A Tucson effort create an ordinance restricting local law enforcement from working with federal authorities to enforce immigration laws will go before voters in November.

‘ICE Air’ flew more than 32K immigrants out of Mesa in less than 10 months

Phoenix-based Swift Air has a fleet of 27 aircraft that can fly customers to locations such as Chicago, Belgrade and even Cuba, but the company also is part of “ICE Air,” a network of operators who help the U.S. government deport immigrants, and flew more than 32,000 immigrants out of a Mesa airport in less than 10 months.

Study: Predicted job losses from AZ minimum wage hike never happened

A national trade group representing small businesses is warning of negative consequences if Congress a proposed hike in the federal minimum wage, while an Arizona think tank found that an increase in the state’s minimum wage enacted by voters in 2016 has brought significant benefits without demonstrable job losses here.

Trump plan to disperse BLM operations would send some jobs to AZ

The Trump administration revealed sweeping plans on Tuesday to dismantle and disperse the Bureau of Land Management, sending its current headquarters staff to more than half a dozen offices across the West and establishing a small new headquarters office in Grand Junction, Colo.
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