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Sen. Allen’s fear-mongering about immigrants, feminism, a symptom of politicized white Christianity

Sylvia Allen’s rhetoric brilliantly mingles the nationalistic, religious, and racial identities of her target audience to cast the “other” as an existential threat.

Assault of police officers charges dropped for protester

County prosecutors didn’t follow the recommendation of the Phoenix Police Department to charge Jamaar Williams, who was among the 16 people arrested on July 12 during an immigration protest in downtown Phoenix, with assault of police officers.    

Brnovich goes to U.S. Supreme Court seeking opioid family’s cash

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to make the owners of a massive pharmaceutical company accused of fueling America’s opioid addiction epidemic give back at least $4 billion they withdrew from the company, arguing that they’re “looting” the company to shield money that could be part of legal settlements. 

Brandt will testify, asks for delay. But why?

I wonder if the corporation commissioners are aware that delaying bad publicity before shareholders might be a motivating factor for Brandt seeking that delay.

Records show history of long ESA delays at Dept of Education

Records obtained by Arizona Mirror show that missed deadlines in approving applications for the state’s school voucher program were a common occurrence under former state schools Superintendent Diane Douglas, though the Republican didn’t face the sort of outcry that her Democratic successor is hearing from GOP lawmakers and school choice advocates.

Phoenix’s first ‘welcome center’ for migrant families now open

On Saturday, an elementary school in south-central Phoenix opened its doors to children for the first time since it closed in 2007. But instead of kids with backpacks and fresh back-to-school haircuts, it was a group of migrant children, mothers and fathers from Mexico and Honduras who stepped off a U.S. Department of Homeland Security bus and through the doors of the former Ann Ott School.

Changes to Maricopa County elections: A nonpartisan fix or just another GOP power grab?

It will take more time to determine whether this fixes the county’s Election Day woes or is simply part of a long-term strategy to seize election power and disenfranchise less desirable voters.

Colorado City family losing ESA voucher after school moves across state lines

A family in the polygamous enclave of Colorado City appears likely to lose the vouchers it was using to send three children to private school because that school has moved across the state line and now is in Hilldale, Utah.

Arizona 3rd worst in US for per-person health care spending

Arizona ranks nearly worst in the nation when it comes to per person spending on public health, according to data compiled by researchers at the University of Minnesota. 

Stacey Champion: What does APS head honcho Don Brandt have to hide?

The many millions of dollars Don Brandt has authorized with the blessing of APS/Pinnacle West to spend on numerous campaigns and initiatives with dark money and dirty mud-slinging tactics has absolutely degraded our political democracy.
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