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Why South Phoenix businesses want Prop. 105 to pass and stop the light rail

Business owners in South Phoenix are urging city voters who visit their neighborhood to support Proposition 105, which they view as a last resort to stop a light rail extension project from transforming their community. 

ICE Air data reveals who is flying in and out of Mesa

Approximately 90 percent percent of the passengers were men. Less than half-a-percent were children. 

‘Tell him not to come here’

The grotesque irony of the shooting in El Paso is that Trump has been claiming since the launch of his presidential campaign that the only way to keep America safe from the people he often characterizes as murderous and marauding immigrant hordes is to build a “great, great wall.”

Syringe program for addicts operates in legal gray area as debate continues

While the debate around laws that would allow clean-needle-exchange programs to operate legally in Arizona continues, one organization continues working in a legal gray area to help stop the spread of disease.

There have been 5 ‘mass shootings’ in Arizona so far in 2019, researchers say

Just this year, there have been five mass shooting events in the state, according to data compiled by researchers at the non-profit Gun Violence Archive. 

In wake of El Paso shooting, Fann missed her chance to condemn Allen’s toxic ‘great replacement’ beliefs

Make no mistake: The beliefs that animate Sylvia Allen's proclamation that the United States of America is on the verge of destruction are virtually indistinguishable from those that animate racist mass killers.

Sentencing reform committee begins work on new legislation

A committee aimed at reforming Arizona’s strict criminal sentencing requirements held the inaugural meeting of what it intends to be a months-long process that will culminate with proposed legislation for the upcoming session.

Response to weekend mass shootings from Arizona’s congressional delegation

Here are the social media responses to the shootings from Arizona’s congressional delegation, along with how much money they have received from gun-rights and gun-control groups during their congressional campaigns.

If you love the Phoenix libraries, vote no on Prop. 106

Prop. 106 would restrict library funding and freeze restoration of hours of operation at the 17 Phoenix public library locations.

Frustrated AZ Republicans adapt to life as a political minority on Capitol Hill

Life in the U.S. House minority is no fun.  That, at least, is the view of Rep. David Schweikert, one of four Arizona Republicans in the lower chamber of the U.S. Congress.
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