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DHS calls for more detention beds and stricter punishment to deter border crossers

WASHINGTON – U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials followed the Trump administration’s lead on Wednesday, urging Congress to increase immigrant detention bed capacity and implement more “punitive consequences” for immigrants crossing the border.Before...

DPS tech who oversaw testing of pistols charged with theft, forgery

A Department of Public Safety employee who oversaw the Firearms Unit and oversaw the lab which discovered an issue with the department’s service pistol was arrested for stealing from DPS.Todd Whittard, 52, was...

Bill creating committee to study murders of Native women heads to Ducey

A bill that would create a study committee to examine cases of murdered and missing indigenous women and girls won unanimous approval in the Arizona House of Representatives on Thursday and will now head...

AZ House approves initiative restrictions with heightened powers for AG

Republicans in the Arizona House of Representatives approved a bill adding new restrictions on the citizen initiative process, with a new provision that grants the state’s attorney general the power to alter the wording...

U.S. House committee votes to hold Trump AG Barr in contempt

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee voted Wednesday to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress, escalating the war between the Trump administration and House Democrats.

We need leadership to make the most of this billion-dollar opportunity

Vision has never been Gov. Ducey’s strong point. In fact, if there’s one thing both Republicans and Democrats can agree on, it’s that this governor is as status quo and milquetoast-y as they come.

Senate unanimously passes Carter’s vaping bill

The Senate on Tuesday unanimously passed a bill aimed at cracking down on e-cigarettes and vaping, but it seems unlikely that it will get the same overwhelming support in the House of Representatives.Sen. Heather...

How a shooting in Benson led DPS to find a defect in their pistols

As he tried to help his fellow trooper, Marotto drew his own pistol – identical to the one Menard was brandishing – and pressed it into the suspect’s chest, yelling at him to drop the gun or he would shoot.

Doing more time: Ex-felons face long odds, long wait to restore voting rights

Michael Romero is one of about 1,100 ex-felons who have regained their right to vote under the guidance of a legal clinic at the University of Arizona, one of the only free legal-aid programs for ex-felons in the state.

Sex registry bill defeated as senators protest failure to expand rights for sex abuse victims

Lawmakers argued passionately and the Senate president turned off a fellow Republican’s microphone as senators killed a bill expanding the number of people who are eligible to be removed from Arizona’s sex offender registry to protest the blocking of an unrelated bill that would give victims of child sex abuse more time to sue in civil court.
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