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Doing more time: Ex-felons face long odds, long wait to restore voting rights

Michael Romero is one of about 1,100 ex-felons who have regained their right to vote under the guidance of a legal clinic at the University of Arizona, one of the only free legal-aid programs for ex-felons in the state.

Sex registry bill defeated as senators protest failure to expand rights for sex abuse victims

Lawmakers argued passionately and the Senate president turned off a fellow Republican’s microphone as senators killed a bill expanding the number of people who are eligible to be removed from Arizona’s sex offender registry to protest the blocking of an unrelated bill that would give victims of child sex abuse more time to sue in civil court.

AZ Democrats want DHS to do more to aid in humanitarian response to migrant families

Arizona’s House Democratic delegation on Monday asked for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s top leader to appoint a federal crisis coordinator to support the largely non-governmental network helping migrant families released by border and immigration officials.

Vaping bill held from House debate

A bill that would exempt vapor products from local regulations while raising the age to buy tobacco and e-cigarettes to 21 was pulled from discussion in the Arizona House of Representatives on Monday.

Two months after discovering gun’s flaw, all DPS firearms were fixed

After the Arizona Department of Public Safety discovered a flaw in the service pistols carried in the field, troopers were warned of the defect two months before the manufacturer was able to fix them for the agency.

2020 marijuana legalization effort prepping for launch

A campaign committee, Smart and Safe Arizona, was formed in March. It has already reported bringing in a $100,000 contribution from a Tempe-based medical marijuana company.

Corrections now charging inmates for overdose treatment

A new policy at the Arizona Department of Corrections requires inmates to pay for their medical treatment if they’re hospitalized for substance abuse.

Special interests take note: There’s still time to curry legislative favor

I’m curious to see if the money that the vaping industry pumped into electing legislative Republicans last year will earn its proposal the support of enough Republicans to become law.

AZ Dems ‘not afraid’ to pursue impeachment

Some Arizona Democrats see it as a real possibility that President Donald Trump will face impeachment proceedings in the U.S. House.

Poll: Arizonans want dual-language instruction, support repeal of English-only standards

About 67 percent of respondents agree with the dual-language immersion approach to teaching English to students who don’t already speak it, while 24 percent said they would keep the current Structured English Immersion standard.