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How to register your opinion on potential new laws

Citizen participation can play a major role in which bills eventually become law in Arizona.Residents can use a system called Request to Speak, often called RTS, to register their opinion on any bill...

Senate committee OKs bill to scale back weapons offenses

Penalties for people who ignore requests to check their firearms into storage at public buildings in Arizona would be dramatically scaled back under a bill approved on Thursday by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

DCS-backed proposal an ‘absolute devastation’ for unaccompanied migrant youth

A policy proposal introduced twice in the Senate could have devastating consequences for migrant minors in Arizona who were abandoned, abused or neglected and arrived in the country alone to seek protections, advocates said.

The faces of immigrants are everywhere

Contrary to widely mistaken popular belief, immigrants and the profound role they play in U.S. society are not confined to those grainy images Fox News loves to run with the inflammatory “Battle at the Border” logo it routinely plasters on stories about immigration.

Is your genetic information really safe?

Is genetic information truly safe, even in the hands of a government agency that promises to anonymize the data? The answer, like our DNA, is complicated.

Committee passes sex offender registry bill, urges broader reforms

The House Judiciary Committee voted unanimously in favor of a limited proposal to slightly expand the number of people who are eligible to be removed from Arizona’s sex offender registry, lauding a proposal that many called an incremental step in the right direction while calling for Arizona to go further.

Tuition bill covering dreamers approved by Senate

The state Senate on Wednesday approved a bill to offer a special tuition rate to all graduates of Arizona high schools that will cover immigrants known as dreamers.

Republicans force debate over Dem-sponsored abortion bill, despite sponsor’s objection

Two hours of political theater ensued on Wednesday after the Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee forced a hearing on a bill to repeal a 2017 abortion law, despite repeated requests by the...

Rental vacancy rates back to pre-recession levels as bills threaten to create more evictions

Two bills working their way through the Arizona House of Representatives could harm renters in the Grand Canyon State, which currently is at its lowest rental vacancy rate since before the Great Recession.

ESA bill that GOP supporters said wasn’t an expansion will cost $1.7M over 3 years

The Joint Legislative Budget Committee conducted a fiscal analysis of a bill that Republican lawmakers insisted in committee last week didn’t expand who could participate in the state’s school voucher program, and concluded what was obvious to everyone but the GOP backers of the bill: It expands enrollment and will thus cost the state more money.
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