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‘Real rush’ of Trump rules expected ahead of 2020 election

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is preparing to finalize a host of high-profile rules in 2020, including policies that will impact everything from auto emissions to food stamp access. With the November presidential election approaching,...

Kavanagh targets Tesla drivers who bypass safety features

Rep. John Kavanagh has proposed legislation that would allow police to ticket Tesla drivers who attempt to circumvent safety features that are part of the electric vehicles’ self-driving modes. Kavanagh, a Fountain Hills Republican and...

GOP legislator challenges Phoenix airport fees on Uber, Lyft

Republican Rep. Nancy Barto followed through on her threat to challenge Phoenix’s newly approved fee increase on rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft that operate at Sky Harbor International Airport and potentially put some $20 million of city funding at risk.

Decision on Petersen suspension may not happen until new year

Indicted Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen may have to wait until after the New Year to find out whether the Board of Supervisors will rescind his suspension.

Trump becomes 3rd president impeached; AZ delegation splits on party lines

The U.S. House voted to impeach President Donald Trump Wednesday night, making him the third president to be impeached in U.S. history. 

West Valley Loop 202 extension to open by end of year

Gov. Doug Ducey, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell and a host of other elected officials and dignitaries gathered gathered to celebrate the completion of the final stretch of the Loop 202 freeway, which is slated to open sometime by the end of the year.

Cuban asylum-seekers allege inhumane treatment, torture in AZ ICE facility

Dozens of Cuban asylum-seekers held in an Arizona detention center are denouncing what they say is inhumane treatment, psychological torture and prolonged imprisonment, according to a letter they sent to a local humanitarian aid group.  

Who are the ‘forgotten students’ Betsy DeVos claims she wants to help?

A recent op-ed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had me questioning whether or not I was reading an article meant for the satirical news site The Onion.

Following deadly flood, lawmakers seek Tonto Creek bridge funding

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is trying to get the state to pay for a bridge over Tonto Creek in eastern Arizona, where three young children drowned last month after their car was submerged trying to cross the creek in a flood.

‘We can help ourselves:’ Native women come together to confront high rates of maternal mortality

As the sun begins to set on a blustery fall day, the rugged buttes of Navajoland glow red in the soft light and swift gusts spiral dust through the air.
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