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Phoenix still criminalizes homelessness, despite court ruling, protesters say

About 30 demonstrators gathered at Margaret T. Hance Park Wednesday in downtown Phoenix to urge city leaders to adopt legislation to decriminalize urban camping.

GOP proposal would ban sex ed until 7th grade, discussions of homosexuality

Arizona students wouldn’t be allowed to take sexual education classes until the seventh grade, and parents could sue school districts if that class included discussions about homosexuality or failed to primarily focus on abstinence under a plan introduced Wednesday by the conservative head of the Arizona Senate’s Education Committee.

Lawrence wants state law to define ‘sanctuary’ cities

A Scottsdale Republican lawmaker wants to define sanctuary cities in Arizona law.

GOP lawmaker: allow limitless libel lawsuits on social media posts

A Phoenix Republican is pushing to include social media comments to Arizona’s libel and slander laws and scrap the statute of limitations for defamatory statements published online, something a First Amendment attorney says would have far-reaching effects.

4 local governments follow Ducey’s lead, open doors to refugees

The state’s two largest counties and cities have sent letters to the U.S. Department of State saying new refugees can call neighborhoods in Phoenix, Tucson and Maricopa and Pima counties home.

Fillmore bills target Arizona transgender community

A top Republican on the House Education Committee is pushing a trio of bills aimed at the transgender community in Arizona, including penalizing schools for referring to a student by a pronoun that isn’t the gender associated with their biological sex.

Propaganda as polling

When an organization that defines itself as fighting the expansion of rights for LGBTQ Arizonans announces the results of a poll it commissioned and declares that Arizona voters “are not close” to support for LGBTQ rights – and are dramatically different than previous opinion polls – one should take note.

The Arizona connections to ‘domestic terrorism’ advocate Matt Shea

A Washington state lawmaker accused of participating in acts of domestic terrorism by an independent report commissioned by his own legislature has connections to two former elected officials in Arizona.

Monday Musings: All eyes on how Sinema handles impeachment

Columnist Chris Herstam weighs in on what's happening in Arizona politics and uses his 40 years of experience in and around government to help you understand what's happening behind the scenes and why it's important.

House GOP leader’s bill would bar cities, counties from stopping private border wall construction

House Majority Leader Warren Petersen, R-Gilbert, sponsored legislation that would bar cities and counties from blocking or restricting private border wall construction, fulfilling a pledge he made last year. House Bill 2084 would bar cities...
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