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Stringer fallout halts sex offender registry reform

Legislation that would make more people eligible to have their names removed from Arizona’s sex offender registry may end up being an inadvertent casualty of the recent revelations of decades-old sex crime allegations that led David Stringer to resign from the Arizona House of Representatives.

GOP lawmakers work to change ‘no promo homo’ law as AG says he won’t defend it in court

Republican lawmakers are looking to amend a law barring school districts from providing instruction that “promotes a homosexual lifestyle” that is being challenged in federal court.The move comes as the Arizona Attorney General’s Office...

Grantham disappointed his bill to cut minimum wages won’t go to court

The sponsor of a bill that aimed to reduce the minimum wage for young, part-time workers said he’s disappointed that the Senate effectively killed his legislation by requiring a three-fourths vote for its passage.

Bill to amend anti-BDS law heads to Ducey, amid GOP claims that opponents are anti-Semitic

A bill that would loosen the rules on which government contractors can participate in boycotts of Israel has passed a house vote amid fierce debate and will head to the governor’s desk.  

House approves new emergency voting restrictions

The House of Representatives approved new restrictions on emergency voting Monday, sending the proposal back to the Senate so it can approve several changes before it goes to Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk.

Senate amendment likely kills business-backed ‘youth employment’ bill to slash wages

A legislative proposal to cut the wages of working students is effectively dead in the Senate.

U.S. House unanimously approves state-crafted drought plans

Legislation put forth by a powerful Tucson Democratic congressman that would make the Secretary of the Interior carry out the agreements made by the seven Colorado River states is expected to be voted on this afternoon.

Somali refugee mom still waiting to reunite with children, husband, after more than 2 years

“Family always needs each other, family helps each other,” Nedifo Halane said in Somali through a translator in her Phoenix apartment.

Arizona’s internationally poor standing on teachers demands action, not a victory lap

New data that shows just how pitifully Arizona stacks up in education, both nationally and globally.

AZ AG: Bill to cut student wages likely unconstitutional

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office says a Republican-backed proposal that would allow employers to pay working students well below Arizona’s minimum wage is unconstitutional.