Law & Government

Bill aimed at marijuana testing, reducing costs becomes law

Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law Friday a bill that will make medical marijuana facilities in Arizona test their products and also decrease the cost to be a medical marijuana patient.

Ducey signs new citizen initiative restrictions

Getting citizen initiatives on the ballot will likely get harder next year after Gov. Doug Ducey on Friday signed a bill imposing new restrictions on the process.

Ducey vetoes ‘repeat offender’ bill, but signs measure to ease sentences for some drug offenders

Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation loosening sentencing requirements for drug possession but vetoed a bill that would have barred prosecutors from designating people who have never been convicted of a crime as repeat offenders, dealing a final blow to a criminal justice reform movement that saw its high hopes for the 2019 legislative session dashed repeatedly.

Ducey signs bill making Section 8 not count as rent in eviction cases

Gov. Doug Ducey on Friday signed a bill that will give landlords the ability to evict tenants who pay their rents with assistance from the federal government’s Section 8 housing voucher program.

Ducey vetoes large increase in legislator ‘expense’ pay

Gov. Doug Ducey today vetoed a bill that would have more than tripled the amount of expense pay lawmakers would receive, saying that legislators should have not applied the pay increase to themselves.

Volunteers blast Phoenix council for lack of action on migrant families releases

Two Phoenix residents this week warned the city council that there could be an emergency with the release of thousands of migrant families as summer temperatures rise and an ad hoc volunteer network that sprang up last fall beginning to falter due to the heavy workload.

Can the gov’t be sued for not acting to stop climate change? Appeals court hears arguments

Federal judges are weighing whether the U.S. can be held legally responsible for failing to protect future generations from climate change. That’s at the heart of Juliana v. United States, in which 21 young people from around the country claim they have a constitutional right to be protected from man-made climate change.

Ducey signs bill to rein in STO growth

Gov. Doug Ducey on Thursday signed a bill that will rein in unchecked growth in a program that provides tax income credits to corporations that contribute money to scholarships for students to attend private K-12 schools.

Tobin steps down from lucrative ASU gig after landing director job

Someone besides Andy Tobin will have to help show newly elected legislators the ropes after the next election.

Trump administration to stop paying for some migrant services at AZ shelters

The Trump administration has told the companies it contracts with to operate shelters for migrant youth to discontinue it’s educational and recreational programs and legal aid services.