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Does Bill Montgomery know enough about justice to be one?

He has exactly five years’ experience prosecuting cases — those years are not contiguous — and many of the most serious cases he tried were motor-vehicle offenses.

Measure to cut pay for student workers advances with GOP backing

“Why don’t you want young people to have a job?” Grantham said, in an attempt to appeal to those who oppose his proposal.

**UPDATED** Members of right-wing extremist group barred from AZ House of Representatives

Two members of a right-wing extremist group have been barred from entering the Arizona House of Representatives.

Toma amends Section 8 voucher bill, advocates still worry

The bill’s aim is still to allow landlords to terminate a contract even if a voucher is accepted, which Toma and others say is to help protect landlords from bad tenants and prevent landlords from leaving the Section 8 program.

Giffords, Democrats rally at Capitol for gun background-check bill

WASHINGTON – Former Arizona Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords rallied House lawmakers Tuesday to support a bill that would expand the requirement for background checks on private gun sales.

Cities fighting bill that guts local oversight of landlords

A bill that would gut local oversight of landlord-tenant issues continues to advance at the state Capitol, despite objections from local governments.

AZ delegation splits on party lines as US House votes to block Trump’s border wall emergency

The U.S. House voted to block President Trump’s emergency border wall declaration on Monday, delivering a stinging rebuke to the White House.

Mohave County files suit against opioid companies, prepares to join national litigation

Mohave County is preparing to join a massive lawsuit against opioid manufacturers, joining  more than 1,500 other governmental entities, Native American tribes, hospitals and plaintiffs from across the country, including several from Arizona.

The legislature lacks courage for real charter reform, despite outcry

It seems the charter school industry is far too powerful and legislators are far too chicken to seriously consider real charter school reform.

Bill to add state oversight of facilities like Southwest Key ready for Senate vote

The Senate on Monday gave preliminary approval to a bill that would impose more local oversight on facilities like Southwest Key, which contracts with the federal government to house migrant youth.