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Ducey backs Trump’s tariffs against Mexico

In a series of tweets, Gov. Doug Ducey voiced support of for President Donald Trump's plan to implement a series of progressively increasing tariffs on Mexican imports in response to a surge of migrants...

The 2020 state budget, annotated

After more than a week of debate, the legislature on Monday approved its $11.8 billion spending plan for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins on July 1.

‘Dreamer’ graduates face uneven higher ed options

Among a sea of blue caps and gowns, some draped with cords and colorful stoles, were Blanca Collazo and Jordi Santos. They’re both good friends. They were both born in Mexico and arrived in the United States as toddlers.

Ducey appoints Andy Tobin to lead Dept of Administration

Gov. Doug Ducey has named Corporation Commissioner Andy Tobin to lead the Arizona Department of Administration, the state's largest agency.Ducey announced the appointment in a tweet this morning, declaring that Tobin will implement the...

State eases minimum wage repayment requirement on Flagstaff

Flagstaff will still have to reimburse the state for the increased costs it will incur because of its high minimum wage, but the recently passed state budget softened the blow through a cost-sharing agreement...

Ducey to decide fate of bill making Section 8 not count as rent in eviction cases

Late last week, in the waning days of the legislative session, lawmakers passed a bill that would give landlords the ability to evict tenants who pay their rents with assistance from the federal government’s...

Arizona legislative session ends without English-only law repeal

A proposal to ask voters to repeal the state’s English-only law and instead favor bilingual education failed to make the cut this legislative session.

Clean Elections commissioner condemns shooting joke by GOP lawmakers

The chairman of the Citizens Clean Elections Commission wants two legislators to apologize for comments they made during a Republican caucus meeting about virtually shooting the head of the commission.

Ducey announces childhood sexual abuse task force

Gov. Doug Ducey announced that he will create a task force to look into cases of childhood sexual abuse and help guide lawmakers on possible changes to state law that aid victims in Arizona....

Public safety means more than just hiring more police

I know from my own law enforcement career that the answer to public safety issues is not simply “more police.”
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