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Republicans vote down bill to increase statute of limitations on child sex abuse

A bill that would have increased the statute of limitations on civil actions for victims of child sex abuse was shot down during a lengthy and contentious committee debate.

AG slaps down heart of Tempe dark money measure

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office ripped the heart out of a Tempe ordinance aimed at cracking down on anonymous spending in city elections.

Sinema joins McSally, GOP in confirming Trump nominee to lead Interior

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was one of three Democrats who sided with President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans in confirming David Bernhardt, a former lobbyist and George W. Bush administration official, to become the next U.S. Interior Secretary.

Whirlwind action to repeal ‘no promo homo’ earns cheers from LGBTQ community, ends lawsuit

Arizona’s “no promo homo” law is officially a thing of the past.

Ducey signs bill to increase cap on rainy day fund deposits

Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill Tuesday that will increase the amount of money the state is allowed to contribute to its budget stabilization fund, more commonly known as the “rainy day fund.”

ICE: Almost 24k migrant family members released in AZ since December

Between March 5 and April 8 – a span of 34 days – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released 9,200 migrant parents and their children to community groups in Arizona, mainly in Phoenix and Tucson, according to figures provided Wednesday by the agency. That is about 271 migrant family members released per day.

Ducey signs ‘no promo homo’ repeal

Arizona’s “no promo homo” law is officially a thing of the past.The passage of Senate Bill 1346 on Thursday likely brings an end to a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the 1991 law, which...

Ducey signs bill recognizing out-of-state occupational licenses

Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation on Wednesday making Arizona the first state in the country to recognize out-of-state occupational licenses, arriving at a signing ceremony in front of the Executive Tower in a moving truck to signify the new opportunities for people moving to the state.

House votes to repeal ‘no promo homo’ law

A Republican lawmaker has crafted language to repeal Arizona’s “no promo homo” law, and the Arizona House of Representatives will take up the issue on Wednesday afternoon.

CBP: Southern border apprehensions topped 360,000 in first half of year

In March alone, Border Patrol apprehended more than 92,000 people trying to cross the southern border, said Brian Hastings, Border Patrol chief of operations, on a conference call Tuesday. That was the most in March since 2007, according to CBP documents.