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Brophy McGee narrows inspection requirement on Southwest Key oversight bill

A Senate bill to expand state oversight of facilities like Southwest Key that house migrant children in Arizona won’t go as far as originally intended, some advocates said. With the recent controversies surrounding migrant youth...

Bowers still wants hearing on water bill that may derail drought plan

House Speaker Rusty Bowers plans to continue to move forward with water legislation despite threats by the Gila River Indian Community to leave a seven-state drought plan if that legislation because of it.If the...

Moms Demand Action rally behind bill to bar domestic abusers from owning guns

Instead of arriving at their Phoenix home with a gift, he brought a gun and left her dead on the street.

With GOP backing, bill to reduce what lobbyists report spending on lawmakers passes House

A bill that would let lobbyists disclose only the price of what it costs to feed elected officials at luncheons and other events and not the actual cost paid for their admission to the event has been approved by the House of Representatives and is one step closer to becoming law.

Sentencing-reduction bill moves forward as advocates push for broader reforms

Criminal justice reform advocates hailed a bill to reduce sentencing requirements drug possession as a step in the right direction while urging the sponsor to expand it to include more people.

In Their Own Words: What These South Florida Shooting Survivors Want You to Know

We must become an America that is compassionate, one that doesn’t have to teach children to hide from a bullet before they can read, and one that values innocent lives over a piece of metal with a primary purpose to kill.

Senate panel approves ESA bill amid fierce opposition

Lawmakers and parents argued Wednesday night at a Senate Finance Committee hearing whether a bill before them expanded or regulated a controversial school voucher program.

Bill to give pregnant women on AHCCCS dental coverage moves forward

Legislation to add dental coverage for pregnant woman on the state’s Medicaid program has cleared another hurdle and is one step closer to becoming law.

The never-ending legislative crusade against your right to self-governance

If there is one constant in a legislative session, it’s this: Republican legislators and the special interests that back them are contemptuous of you, the voter, and will work to undermine your rights to have any say in how you are governed beyond merely electing officials to represent you.

Legislature takes aim at short-term rentals

A bill with the backing of 57 Arizona lawmakers from both parties aims to add new regulations to short-term and vacation rental properties, like those rented through popular online rental websites AirBnB and VRBO.