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The biggest fight over education funding isn’t who gets the money, it’s who benefits most

If there’s one thing a majority of Arizona voters seem to agree on, it’s that our state does a poor job of funding its public schools.

Phoenix voters reject measures to block light rail projects, limit budget growth

Phoenix voters voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to allow light rail expansion projects to continue, including one in South Phoenix that has residents concerned about how it will change their neighborhoods.

Court ruling may revive biometric data security measures

A recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on a case brought by residents of Illinois against social media giant Facebook over its use of facial recognition software could reignite conversations at the Arizona Capitol on biometric data security in the Grand Canyon State.

Judge dismisses ethics charge alleging improper Martinez communications with ex-juror

In addition to the sexual harassment allegations that the judge in his ethics case dismissed on Friday, prosecutor Juan Martinez also won’t have to face a separate charge related to improper communications with a dismissed juror during the blockbuster Jodi Arias murder trial.

California union launches sweeping health care ballot measure campaign

Health care workers would get a substantial pay raise, patients would get new protections against unexpected bills for out-of-network providers, the state would get new powers to enforce anti-infection cleanliness standards and a key...

MCSO has been creating marijuana extracts for at least 4 years

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has quietly been creating marijuana extracts to train officers and help prosecutors quietly for the past four years.

Arizona drops in annual highway rankings because of fatal crashes

Arizona’s ranking for overall highway condition and cost dropped dramatically compared with last year, according to a recent report.

Judge dismisses sexual harassment ethics charges against top MCAO prosecutor

“Teflon” Juan Martinez got a temporary reprieve on Friday night when the presiding disciplinary judge of the Arizona Supreme Court threw out a chunk of the pending ethics charges against him that stemmed from allegations of sexual harassment in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

Sinema is most bipartisan Senate Democrat: report

Arizona’s senior senator is the most bipartisan Democrat in the U.S. Senate so far in the current congressional term, a new analysis finds.

Judge tosses felony case against lawyer arrested during immigration rally

The felony case against Jamaar Williams that alleged he resisted arrest during a protest against inhumane treatment of migrants was tossed out by a judge Aug. 22.
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