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Bill would ban mugshot websites from charging for removal

A state lawmaker wants to make it illegal for companies to make people pay money to have their mugshots and other criminal justice records removed from websites, though it’s unclear how such a law would be enforced against people outside of Arizona.

Partisanship threatens to derail bipartisan criminal justice reform bills

Our democracy rests upon a system of checks and balances. The whole point is to prevent concentrations of power in one or a few persons that thwart the will of the people. Yet that is exactly what we are witnessing with respect to criminal justice reform here in Arizona.

Advocates hope poll buoys sentencing reform efforts

A national organization advocating for criminal justice reform in Arizona is touting a new poll showing strong support for a host of issues being considered by the Legislature this year, including a proposal to reduce the state’s strict sentencing requirements.

Lawmaker wants working students to earn less than minimum wage

A Republican legislator wants to allow Arizona businesses to pay some students 34 percent less than the state’s minimum wage, and his GOP colleagues on a House panel gave the measure preliminary approval Monday.House...

Licensing bill backed by Ducey moves forward

A House committee approved a bill that Gov. Doug Ducey touted in his State of the State address that would allow professionals who are certified in other states to practice their trades in Arizona...

Dems propose to add state, community oversight of migrant youth shelters

Democratic lawmakers have proposed several bills intended to increase protections for children at migrant shelters, which are privately operated and under the purview of federal agencies.Rep. Kelli Butler, D-Paradise Valley, has two bills...

House panel moves to curb agency authority over fees

Republican lawmakers are responding to the recent uproar over a new $32 vehicle registration fee by seeking to limit the ability of state agencies to impose similar fees in the future.Under Sen. J.D. Mesnard’s...

Bannon and his ‘OG MAGA’ crew rally in Arizona for a private border wall

Steve Bannon and other Trump acolytes gathered in a conference room in a gated community in Sahuarita on Friday evening to speak to members of the Quail Creek Republican Club and their guests about their plan to use private funds to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Proposal would shift control of voucher program from Education Dept to treasurer

Administration and oversight of a controversial school voucher program could soon be stripped from the Arizona Department of Education and transferred to the state Treasurer’s Office, in part because the new Republican state treasurer supports the program and the new Democratic superintendent of public instruction is a critic.

Can Southwest Key bounce back from state freeze?

With an admissions freeze imposed on Southwest Key by state health regulators in effect for more than 100 days,  the nation’s largest operator of shelters for migrant minors now houses fewer than 250 youth in Arizona.