After discovering critical flaw in gun, DPS quietly replacing guns issued to all troopers

After discovering a critical flaw that could prevent the gun from firing, DPS began hurriedly replacing roughly 1,500 FNS pistols that replaced the previous sidearm in the name of cost savings.

Records suggest MCSO didn’t fully investigate child abuse claims at migrant shelter

Public records released to the Arizona Mirror shed light into the three reports of child abuse that led the federal government to shut down a shelter for migrant minors in Youngtown in September.The reports...

Rental company changes name, website after complaint about ASU trademark infringement

Infamous Tempe landlord Tim Wright appears to have had to change his company’s name, Rent Me ASU, likely due to pressure from Arizona State University.

Roadblocks exist for affordable housing

Affordable housing is becoming a bigger and bigger issue to residents and politicians alike in Arizona but conflicts between state law and what local municipalities want to do is a major hurdle.

Ducey put Reagan’s elections manual on hold after county recorders complained

Gov. Doug Ducey withheld his approval from the elections procedures manual that Secretary of State Michele Reagan’s Office drafted for the 2018 election after county recorders identified a number of flaws and asked him not to allow it to go into effect.

As rents, housing costs increase, courts and agencies play catch up

The University Lakes Justice Court is frigid, and the regulars seem to know that. They’ve brought jackets along with their paperwork and are patiently waiting for their case to be called.Its Tuesday, and this morning’s docket is not your typical one. It's full of evictions.

2016 campaign finance rewrite effectively doubles contribution limits for statewide officeholders

Ducey, a prodigious fundraiser, has been the primary beneficiary of that provision. According an Arizona Mirror analysis of the governor’s campaign finance reports dating back to 2016, the double-dipping provision has allowed Ducey to raise at least $200,000 more than he would have been able to under the old laws.

Landlords and tenants battle it out in Tempe over affordable housing Wright under the microscope

Edwin Lambert is an accomplished man.He spent six months in the Antarctic, he ran a nuclear power plant and worked as a probation officer. But one of his biggest accomplishments has been his adopted...
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