Response to weekend mass shootings from Arizona’s congressional delegation

Here are the social media responses to the shootings from Arizona’s congressional delegation, along with how much money they have received from gun-rights and gun-control groups during their congressional campaigns.

GOP appetite to decry its racists evaporates in the face of political consequences

What a difference a year – and a competitive seat – makes when it comes to the willingness of Arizona Republicans to put up with racism in their ranks.

Sen. Allen’s fear-mongering about immigrants, feminism, a symptom of politicized white Christianity

Sylvia Allen’s rhetoric brilliantly mingles the nationalistic, religious, and racial identities of her target audience to cast the “other” as an existential threat.

Phoenix’s first ‘welcome center’ for migrant families now open

On Saturday, an elementary school in south-central Phoenix opened its doors to children for the first time since it closed in 2007. But instead of kids with backpacks and fresh back-to-school haircuts, it was a group of migrant children, mothers and fathers from Mexico and Honduras who stepped off a U.S. Department of Homeland Security bus and through the doors of the former Ann Ott School.

Man tackled by police during ICE protest seeks lawsuit: ‘My arrest is illegal’

Jorge Soria believes police racially profiled him, and Phil Martinez claimed police targeted him. “I know it was not a coincidence that both Phil and I are Latinos,” he said.

Phoenix PD justifies tackle of protester, wrongly claims it arrested the man arguing with him

The Phoenix Police Department said it purposely used the “element of surprise” to tackle a man to the ground while he was on a public sidewalk and giving a media interview to the Arizona Mirror during a Friday night protest.

Congressional Republicans are playing a dangerous game

Congressional Republicans have taken on the role of virus. They do not simply acquiesce, they actively spread the disease.

Tucson to decide on ‘sanctuary city’ ballot measure in November

A Tucson effort create an ordinance restricting local law enforcement from working with federal authorities to enforce immigration laws will go before voters in November.

‘ICE Air’ flew more than 32K immigrants out of Mesa in less than 10 months

Phoenix-based Swift Air has a fleet of 27 aircraft that can fly customers to locations such as Chicago, Belgrade and even Cuba, but the company also is part of “ICE Air,” a network of operators who help the U.S. government deport immigrants, and flew more than 32,000 immigrants out of a Mesa airport in less than 10 months.

Immigration rally and arrests lead to criticism of Phoenix police handling of protests

“Close the camps! Free the children!” they chanted throughout the night.
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