House GOP leader’s bill would bar cities, counties from stopping private border wall construction

House Majority Leader Warren Petersen, R-Gilbert, sponsored legislation that would bar cities and counties from blocking or restricting private border wall construction, fulfilling a pledge he made last year. House Bill 2084 would bar cities...

Cuban asylum-seekers allege inhumane treatment, torture in AZ ICE facility

Dozens of Cuban asylum-seekers held in an Arizona detention center are denouncing what they say is inhumane treatment, psychological torture and prolonged imprisonment, according to a letter they sent to a local humanitarian aid group.

ICE whistleblower alleges systemic inadequate medical care and oversight: report

A whistleblower working for Immigration and Customs Enforcement has alleged the agency “systematically provided inadequate medical and mental health care and oversight” to children and adults in immigration detention centers, Buzzfeed News reported last week.

Owner of border wall construction firm gave to McSally, other AZ Republicans in 2018

The Office of Inspector General for the Department of Defense will investigate a $400 million contract to construct a border wall in Arizona that was given to a North Dakota company whose owner gave Arizona Sen. Martha McSally’s 2018 campaign the maximum allowed under the law.

‘Diversity’ isn’t code for ‘white genocide’

Part of what I think drives white supremacists’ hatred of Latinos is the irrational belief that achieving the so called American Dream is a zero-sum aspiration. The thinking is that if I achieve the American Dream, then you will not.

Arizona groups criticize feds over unpaid FEMA awards for migrant care

Months after federal funding was approved for faith-based and non-profits organizations in Arizona that assisted migrant families released by border and immigration officials, community leaders are criticizing what they call a confusing and unfair process of allocating reimbursement funds.

Republican lawmaker doesn’t want environmental justice taught in schools

An Arizona House Republican wants to remove lessons about the social and economic consequences of climate change from the statewide requirements for K-12 environmental education.

Arizona poll: Wide gap on immigration, gun control between Republicans, Democrats

A new state poll shows a yawning divide among Republicans and Democrats on key Arizona issues, including immigration, climate change, housing affordability and gun control.

In Trumpworld, it’s the ‘immigrant threat,’ not Trump, that must be impeached

For three gut wrenching and shameful minutes, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan – one of Trump’s staunchest defenders – without a shred of evidence raised the specter at Tuesday’s impeachment hearings that Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman might be a traitor.

The Trump administration wants immigrants to fund their own red tape

The Trump administration wants to make people fleeing persecution in their home countries pay for something they’ve long gotten for free: the right to apply for asylum in the United States.
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