Brophy McGee narrows inspection requirement on Southwest Key oversight bill

A Senate bill to expand state oversight of facilities like Southwest Key that house migrant children in Arizona won’t go as far as originally intended, some advocates said.  With the recent controversies surrounding migrant youth...

Republicans can’t straddle the wall much longer

There’s a wall in our politics right now, both symbolic and literal, and it threatens to divide America in ways we haven’t seen in more than a century.

Dems propose to add state, community oversight of migrant youth shelters

Democratic lawmakers have proposed several bills intended to increase protections for children at migrant shelters, which are privately operated and under the purview of federal agencies. Rep. Kelli Butler, D-Paradise Valley, has two bills...

Bannon and his ‘OG MAGA’ crew rally in Arizona for a private border wall

Steve Bannon and other Trump acolytes gathered in a conference room in a gated community in Sahuarita on Friday evening to speak to members of the Quail Creek Republican Club and their guests about their plan to use private funds to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Can Southwest Key bounce back from state freeze?

With an admissions freeze imposed on Southwest Key by state health regulators in effect for more than 100 days,  the nation’s largest operator of shelters for migrant minors now houses fewer than 250 youth in Arizona.

State to pay $600k in settlement to end legal battle over immigrant drivers licenses

It’s official: Gov. Doug Ducey has dropped an appeal to a class action lawsuit challenging his policy to restrict immigrants legally authorized to work in the country from getting driver’s licenses. The state will pay $600,000 in attorney’s fees to the plaintiffs.

Valenzuela fuming over flyer calling police, lobbyist support ‘blood money’

An incendiary political flyer hit the race for Phoenix mayor last week.

Bannon-led wall effort to meet in Arizona Friday to discuss private border wall construction

A who’s who group of Trump allies and immigration hard-liners may be coming to Tucson this week to hold a “town hall” on a plan to raise $100 million over the next year to build up to 30 miles of border fence on private land.

Man who sexually abused 7 boys at Southwest Key facility sentenced to 19 years in prison

A federal judge sentenced Levian Pacheco, who sexually abused several teenage boys at a shelter in Mesa for migrant youth, to 19 years in prison and a lifetime supervised release, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office of Arizona.

Gallego’s office asks Capitol Police to investigate extremist group

Staffers of U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego have asked the U.S. Capitol Police to investigate the extremist group Patriot Movement AZ after its leaders posted photos, video and information about security measures of the congressman’s house, the Southern Policy Law Center’s Hatewatch blog reported today.
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