FEMA funds paid to all AZ groups approved for 2019 migrant care work reimbursements

Fifteen Arizona groups have received payment from a federal agency that in October approved more than $700,000 for local non-profits, faith groups and governments to cover part of the funds they spent assisting migrant families released by border and immigration officials last year.

SB1070 drove his family away. Now he’s fighting for other families.

When his bare feet touched the cold dirt floor marking the end of an 18-hour drive, the 9-year-old boy didn’t feel at home. Wrapped in a blanket, in the middle of the night, the boy stepped away from his dad’s parked truck.

Monday Musings: The white flag flies over Ducey’s SB1070

In his State of the State speech last month, Gov. Doug Ducey called for a 2020 ballot measure constitutionally banning “sanctuary cities,” breathing new life into the acrimonious immigration debate. 

Activists, lawmakers celebrate defeat of sanctuary cities amendment

After Gov. Doug Ducey and legislative leaders vowed to no longer pursue a constitutional amendment that would ban sanctuary cities in the state, about 40 longtime Latino activists, young community organizers and Democratic lawmakers took to the State Capitol to celebrate. 

Ducey, GOP leaders abandon sanctuary cities constitutional ban

In his state of the state speech less than six weeks ago, Gov. Doug Ducey said one of his priorities for 2020 was a constitutional amendment banning sanctuary cities in Arizona. Now, amid opposition from civil rights groups and the business community, the governor says the legislation he helped author to do just that is dead.

Trump swipes at foes, touts record, vows to hold Arizona in November

President Donald Trump hit familiar notes ranging from the economy to Arizona-focused issues such as immigration and sanctuary cities in a Wednesday night rally at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

‘Sanctuary cities’ amendment would force police to do immigration enforcement, experts say

Republican proposals to amend the state constitution to ban sanctuary jurisdictions would in essence force local law enforcement agencies to take direction from federal immigration officials to identify and detain people, according to local immigration experts.

¡Americano! tells a dreamer’s story with an uncertain end

Tony Valdovinos is a “Dreamer” who sees the world as it is, not as he thinks it should be. It’s a personal philosophy that’s served him well.

Democrats blast plan to shift $3.8 billion from Pentagon to border wall

The Trump administration plans to tap the Pentagon for another $3.8 billion in military funds to pay for border wall construction this year, a move critics blasted as “theft,” a raid and a money grab.

Activists said a proposal was racist. The GOP chairman had state troopers remove them.

After an opponent of a Republican proposal to outlaw sanctuary cities in Arizona said the measure was “racist,” the GOP chairman of the panel shut down his testimony, sparking a demonstration by other critics...
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