Workers’ COVID-19 lawsuits could be quashed under GOP push in Congress

WASHINGTON — A wrongful death lawsuit filed in connection with a Tyson meat packing facility in Iowa alleged that managers secretly took bets on how many employees would get sick from COVID-19.

Ducey lauds start of vaccinations, warns of long road ahead with no new restrictions

After touring a site where a group of health care workers will become some of the first people in Arizona to receive COVID-19 vaccinations, Gov. Doug Ducey celebrated the “miracle of modern medicine” that is expected to tame the pandemic, while cautioning the public that the crisis is far from over.

Tree planting project in South Phoenix to remember COVID-19 victims, survivors

Two local nonprofits have launched a new project in South Phoenix that seeks to commemorate people who have died from COVID-19 and those who have survived the deadly respiratory disease. 

Size of the surge: ICU beds up 40% since summer, but still near capacity

Recently released data shows that Arizona has increased its intensive care unit bed capacity by 44% since the end of July — ICU beds that are now largely filled as the coronavirus pandemic has continued to break records in the state.

Arizona hospitals and their ICUs are understaffed, reaching capacity

Several hospitals in Arizona have intensive care units that are understaffed, while across the state more are nearing capacity as ICU beds are filling with COVID-19 patients, according to data recently released by the federal government. 

Arizona’s government is paralyzed by extremist Republicans, endangering us all

The Arizona Republican Party is fracturing under the pressure of its own extremist philosophies, and the people of Arizona are paying the price.  

Federal judge: Phoenix was wrong to exclude some immigrants from COVID aid All Phoenix residents, despite immigration status, can...

Phoenix was wrong to exclude some immigrants from applying for COVID-19 rent, mortgage and utility assistance under a program funded with federal dollars, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday.

White House Coronavirus Task Force: Arizona needs ‘aggressive’ statewide measures

A document prepared for the White House Coronavirus Task Force late last month concluded that Gov. Doug Ducey is not doing enough to combat COVID-19 in Arizona.

Record number of new COVID-19 cases in Arizona reported Tuesday

Arizona health officials reported a record 12,314 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday, and the past month has seen more new cases than July, when cases peaked in Arizona and across the country, data shows. 

Coronavirus surge has Arizona hospitals, ICUs at record capacity levels

A spike in coronavirus cases has Arizona hospitals on the verge of hitting capacity, with 92% of intensive care beds and 90% of total hospital beds filled. The surge in hospitalizations has left the state with less hospital space than at any point so far during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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