Running government like a business means favoring profits over people

in Arizona, the business interests of private entities outweigh the concerns of consumers, even during a public health crisis. Surprised? We shouldn’t be. This is, after all, what it means to run government like a business. Private industries take center stage. Profits take precedence over people.

Barely 10% of pandemic rental aid has been given out in two months

More than 11,000 Arizona renters have sought emergency rental aid during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the state has given money to fewer than 550 people, and spent barely 10% of the $5 million set aside to help renters avoid eviction. 

House panel hears from anti-lockdown ‘experts,’ but not public health officials

A legislative health committee last week heard presentations by researchers advocating for fewer COVID-19 restrictions who have been touted in conservative circles, including one who said that social distancing measures don’t stop the spread of disease. 

House resumes legislative session, looks to adjourn at week’s end

The Arizona House of Representatives is shrugging off the Senate’s attempt to end the 2020 legislative session, resuming its long-postponed business on Monday with a goal of passing dozens of bills before adjourning sine die later in the week.

Health care initiative resumes signature collection

Two months after it halted in-person signature gathering due to the coronavirus outbreak, a citizen initiative that aims to make sweeping changes to Arizona’s health care system is renewing its efforts.  Health Care Rising Arizona...

2020 Census is crucial to rebuilding from COVID-19

With the majority of Americans still currently under a stay-at-home order, COVID-19 has impacted our daily lives in unprecedented ways.  Even in difficult times like these, people are looking for ways to help. From hand-making...

Ballot initiatives scale up for post-lockdown push to gather signatures

Since ending a brief hiatus caused by the coronavirus outbreak, three ballot initiative campaigns have ramped up their hiring of petition circulators over the past several weeks in preparation for their final drive for the November ballot.

10 CVS drive-thru COVID-19 testing sites opening Friday

CVS Health announced it will open 10 COVID-19 drive-thru test sites in Arizona Friday, as part of the company’s second phase of efforts to help slow the spread of the virus. 

85,000 dead and counting from COVID-19. Imagine if Trump gets re-elected.

There’s really no other way to say this: When it comes to his response to the spread of COVID-19 in the United States, the combination of President Donald Trump’s arrogance and sheer incompetence is killing people. 

Fauci warns of ‘suffering & death,’ worse economy if US re-opens too soon

WASHINGTON — A top Trump administration health official warned U.S. senators Tuesday that reopening the economy too quickly could cause more COVID-19 suffering, death and an even longer economic setback.
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