School IDs would have suicide prevention info under Dem proposal

Arizona high schoolers and university students could have suicide prevention resources added to their school-issued identification cards starting next year, under legislation passed Tuesday by the Senate Education Committee.

MCSO’s ‘expert opinion’ report on marijuana extraction is flawed, experts say

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has created a report for prosecutors and police to use as an expert opinion that defines the ratio of marijuana flower to extracts in the wake of an Arizona Supreme Court ruling, according to new documents obtained by Arizona Mirror.

Amid fears of voter protection, Democrat’s marijuana legalization bill considered

Some Republican lawmakers are sounding the alarm to their colleagues that recreational marijuana legalization efforts are likely to pass at the ballot in November and that the legislature would be wise to consider legalizing the drug to avoid triggering voter-protection measures.

Ducey flip-flops on red flag laws, says they won’t happen on his watch

Gov. Doug Ducey has reversed his position on so-called “red flag laws” that have been a core piece of his public safety agenda since 2018, telling a crowd in Lake Havasu City on Thursday...

Firefighter cancer bill wins bipartisan approval in Senate

A bill that would require local governments to cover the health care costs of firefighters who develop cancer received broad bipartisan support and was approved by the Arizona Senate Wednesday afternoon.

Ransomware attacks on health care industry have exposed 11k AZ patients

Ransomware attacks have exposed the records of more than 11,000 patients in Arizona and cost health care providers up to $4.2 million, according to researchers.

Breast cancer survivor: Trump does not care about my pre-existing condition

Of all of the lies, misleading statements, and exaggerations in President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, this statement hit home for me -- because I am a survivor of breast cancer: “I’ve also made an ironclad pledge to American families: We will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions.”

McSally needs to do what Trump won’t: take bold action on climate change

Despite speaking for 78 minutes, President Donald Trump failed to utter one essential phrase in his annual State of the Union address this week: “climate change.”

GOP proposal would cover pre-existing conditions if GOP lawsuit strikes down ACA

Republican lawmakers are hoping to ensure pre-existing conditions for Arizonans are still covered if they get their wish and a lawsuit against the landmark Affordable Care Act succeeds in striking down the 2010 law that has drastically cut the number of uninsured people nationwide.

State of disunion: Arizona lawmakers react to Trump speech at tense time

Arizona Republicans said they left the address feeling empowered, while the state’s Democratic lawmakers used terms like “eerie” and “bizarre” to describe the version of America painted by Trump.
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