Brandt will testify, asks for delay. But why?

I wonder if the corporation commissioners are aware that delaying bad publicity before shareholders might be a motivating factor for Brandt seeking that delay.

Stacey Champion: What does APS head honcho Don Brandt have to hide?

The many millions of dollars Don Brandt has authorized with the blessing of APS/Pinnacle West to spend on numerous campaigns and initiatives with dark money and dirty mud-slinging tactics has absolutely degraded our political democracy.

Climate experts say Trump’s Interior Department is sidelining scientists

The Trump administration has been sidelining researchers and suppressing climate change science at the U.S. Interior Department, experts warned Congress last week.

McSally turns a blind eye to the climate change that’s fueling our wildfires and threatening Arizona lives

Sen. Martha McSally is bragging that her team is on the ground helping fill sandbags.Given her refusal to acknowledge climate change, one of the primary factors behind this year’s devastating disasters, that’s nothing short of insulting.

Drone nearly grounds aircraft fighting Museum Fire

Earlier this week Gov. Doug Ducey warned about the issues drones can create for firefighters. Just two days later, a drone almost shut down firefighting operations on the Museum Fire burning north of Flagstaff.

Ducey, firefighting officials warn public about drones near wildfires

As firefighters are preparing to use all the aerial assets they have to combat the Museum Fire burning north of Flagstaff, Gov. Doug Ducey and other officials are reminding residents to not fly drones near forest fires.

Study: Human activity had a larger impact on Southwestern dust than previously thought

A new study has found that human activity, starting in 1880, has had a much more profound impact on dust in the Southwest than previously thought.

Trump plan to disperse BLM operations would send some jobs to AZ

The Trump administration revealed sweeping plans on Tuesday to dismantle and disperse the Bureau of Land Management, sending its current headquarters staff to more than half a dozen offices across the West and establishing a small new headquarters office in Grand Junction, Colo.

Trump EPA failing at its mission, former agency bosses tell Congress

Four former heads of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency blasted the Trump administration’s management of the agency on Tuesday, saying the administration runs the risk of harming the environment and public health for years to come.

Can the gov’t be sued for not acting to stop climate change? Appeals court hears arguments

Federal judges are weighing whether the U.S. can be held legally responsible for failing to protect future generations from climate change. That’s at the heart of Juliana v. United States, in which 21 young people from around the country claim they have a constitutional right to be protected from man-made climate change.
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