Trump campaign going dark in Arizona, cancels planned TV blitz

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is going off Arizona airwaves after the Labor Day holiday, and may not resume television advertising in the Grand Canyon State until early voting begins in early October.

Court asked to bar Maricopa County instructions on mistaken votes

A conservative advocacy organization is asking a judge to bar Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes from instructing voters in the general election that they can cross out erroneous votes and pick someone else, a policy change that raised eyebrows when the instruction was included with early ballots in last month’s primary election.

Kanye West, a Republican, can’t run as an independent for president in Arizona

A judge Thursday blocked rapper Kanye West from appearing as an independent presidential candidate on Arizona ballots because he’s a registered Republican in Wyoming.

Kanye West submits signatures to qualify for presidential ballot in Arizona

Rap superstar Kanye West filed nearly 58,000 signatures with the Secretary of State’s Office, more than enough to get his name on the November ballot as an independent candidate for president of the United States.

Penzone, Sheridan: ICE will continue to have a place inside county jails

Regardless of whether Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone or challenger Jerry Sheridan wins election in November, a vestige of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s time helming the agency will remain in place: federal immigration agents screening every person booked into the county's jails.

Out of ideas, Trump turns to his 2016 playbook – Make America fearful again

Four years ago, and on Thursday, Republicans claimed they had a bold, new vision for America. They don’t. They’re members of a party bereft of ideas that can only do one thing: Peddle division and fear.

I’ll be voting like my life depends on it – because it does

I grew up as a lifelong Republican in the rural Midwest. Four decades ago, I cast my first vote for Ronald Reagan. Since then, I’ve made phone calls, knocked on doors, and donated time and money to elect anyone with an ‘R’ next to their name – and that was my plan for the rest of my life.

#InvestinEd is on the ballot, and the ‘Sky is falling!’ predictions are here

It seems the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry is suffering from a full-blown case of Chicken Little syndrome.

‘Extremely frustrating’ mail delays for prescriptions hit veterans, rural areas

Jan Stowe, a Vietnam War veteran from Traverse City, Mich., says she was unable to move her head and neck for several days last month after going without medication to treat extreme muscle spasms.

Jerry Sheridan hopes to convince Maricopa County voters he’s not Joe Arpaio

Jerry Sheridan, the Republican vying to take back the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office,  minimized the scope of the seminal racial profiling case and its reforms that if elected he will be in charge of...
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