McSally gave the worst possible excuse for telling cities they’re all alone

If you want to see a mesmerizing combination of desperation and ineptitude on display, just take a look at U.S. Sen. Martha McSally, who seems to reach new heights (or depths, maybe) every week. 

After 4 years, secretary of state opens online signatures to local candidates

Most 2020 candidates are already past the deadline for collecting the signatures they need to run in the August primary election, but those who are seeking a handful of nonpartisan municipal offices that won’t be on the ballot until November will now be able to collect their signatures online.

Leaked chats show neo-Nazis, extremists tried to sway 2018 Arizona elections

Self proclaimed Neo-Nazis and other extremists worked together to try and sway the outcome of Arizona’s 2018 midterm election by a variety of means including promoting candidates they liked or ones they felt were doomed to fail, according to leaked chat logs. 

McSally raising cash with GOP candidate known for racism, misogyny

U.S. Sen. Martha McSally is part of a joint fundraising committee with a handful of other Republican senators and candidates, one of whom is a former conservative talk radio host with a long and well-documented history of racist and misogynistic comments.

Write-in campaign likely if Bolick removed from ballot

If Democrats are successful in their attempt to keep Rep. Shawnna Bolick off the ballot, they’ll almost certainly still have to face off against a different Republican in a race that could determine which party controls the Arizona House of Representatives next year.

Republicans sacrifice voter safety, so Dems need an in-person voting plan

Keeping voters away from crowds and minimizing the need for poll workers makes sense. Without a doubt, it’s the safest way to conduct an election during a pandemic.

Census delay could affect 2021 redistricting

If Congress approves the U.S. Census Bureau’s request to delay the upcoming Census due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it could take longer for the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission to craft the next iteration of the state’s legislative and congressional maps.

Brophy McGee, Carter raise big money to fend off challengers

Two Republican senators are raising big bucks as they try to fend off vigorous challenges, while a perennial GOP candidate who’s notched five losses since 2010 leads all legislative hopefuls as she seeks to unseat a longtime incumbent.

Ducey has nearly $2 million to aid legislative allies

With Republicans holding razor-thin margins in both legislative chambers and Democrats looking to take the majority for the first time in generations, Gov. Doug Ducey has nearly $2 million to help ensure that his party keeps control of the legislature.

Schweikert campaign in the red, trails Dem challenger in money raised

Republican incumbent Rep. David Schweikert continues to trail far behind Democratic congressional hopeful Hiral Tipirneni’s fundraising for the first quarter of the year in the contest for a suburban GOP district that Democrats think will be winnable in 2020. 
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