Bush administration ethics lawyer slams hiring of DeJoy as postmaster

WASHINGTON — A top ethics lawyer to President George W. Bush on Monday decried Louis DeJoy’s appointment to postmaster general and called for a congressional investigation into allegations of criminal activity.

Defending the 2020 election against hacking: 5 questions answered

Should people be worried? Yes, we should be worried. Four years ago, Russia managed to penetrate systems in several states but there’s no evidence that they “pulled the trigger” to take advantage of their penetration.

Voting by mail in Arizona: How it works, and how it doesn’t

Voting by mail has become a hot button issue this election cycle and millions of Americans, including in Arizona, are planning to vote by mail this November — some for the first time ever, as the coronavirus pandemic remains widespread. 

Russell Pearce wants to shame me for ‘destroying America,’ but he failed

I had the recent honor of being among those called “architects of the destruction of America” by former state Sen. Russell Pearce.

Supreme Court bars Fontes from sending mistake instructions to voters

Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes can’t instruct voters to cross out mistakes on their ballots and fill in the bubble for a different candidate instead, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

How much reform do voters want from the next Maricopa County attorney?

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has moved away from the hardline, tough-on-crime attitude it had for nearly a decade under Bill Montgomery’s tenure — the question for voters in November will be exactly how much of a departure they want to make.

Arizona’s unemployment benefits are pitiful. Will voters demand a change?

As an Arizonan, I’ve become accustomed to my state placing near the very bottom on important measures of a state’s long-term health and stability, such as education and childhood poverty levels. So it’s no surprise that our state is nearly dead last in terms of unemployment benefits.

Arizona Supreme Court rules Kanye West can’t be on ballot

The Arizona Supreme Court has barred Kanye West from the general election ballot, upholding a lower court ruling that he can’t run for president as an independent.

Group appeals ruling allowing voter instruction to cross out ballot mistakes

A conservative legal advocacy organization is appealing a judge’s ruling that Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes can send instructions to 2.5 million voters instructing them to cross out a candidate’s name if they vote for the wrong person even though it likely violates state law.

Court: Constitutional change needed to allow e-signing of initiative petitions

Arizona voters are allowed to electronically sign petitions to get their favored candidates on the ballot, but the Arizona Supreme Court said Friday that the only way for voters to do the same for proposed ballot measures is to change the state constitution.
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