Election 2020

#InvestinEd is on the ballot, and the ‘Sky is falling!’ predictions are here

It seems the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry is suffering from a full-blown case of Chicken Little syndrome.

‘Extremely frustrating’ mail delays for prescriptions hit veterans, rural areas

Jan Stowe, a Vietnam War veteran from Traverse City, Mich., says she was unable to move her head and neck for several days last month after going without medication to treat extreme muscle spasms.

Jerry Sheridan hopes to convince Maricopa County voters he’s not Joe Arpaio

Jerry Sheridan, the Republican vying to take back the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office,  minimized the scope of the seminal racial profiling case and its reforms that if elected he will be in charge of...

Signed, sealed, delivered: What you need to know about voting by mail

2020 is a unique year, to say the least. We have been cooped up indoors as COVID-19 has shifted what we know as “normal.” However, one thing that doesn’t stop — rain, snow, or global pandemic — is the U.S. Postal Service. 

House Democrats pummel postmaster over sharp declines in on-time mail delivery

WASHINGTON — Postmaster General Louis DeJoy came under heavy fire Monday for withholding key information about delays in the delivery of mail since he took over the Postal Service just two months ago.

House passes bill to boost post office funding by $25 billion, block service changes

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House convened a rare weekend session Saturday in an attempt to stop the U.S. Postal Service from allegedly disrupting mail service to sabotage the November elections.

Democrats hope to turn 2018 gains into real power in 2020 and beyond

For the past few election cycles, Arizona Democrats have talked a big game about winning control of one of the state’s legislative chambers before falling short of the majorities that have eluded them through decades of Republican control. Things could be different this year.

Postmaster general insists it’s his ‘sacred duty’ to deliver election mail on time

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy mounted a strong defense of his record Friday during a high-profile Senate hearing on recent postal delays, calling claims that the Trump administration is trying to sabotage the elections by deliberately disrupting mail service “outrageous.”

Kanye West collecting signatures for presidential ballot in Arizona

Rap superstar Kanye West is collecting signatures to qualify for the ballot in Arizona as a candidate for president, a campaign that appears to be receiving help from Republicans in the hopes that he’ll siphon votes from Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Arizona Supreme Court says Invest in Ed will be on November’s ballot

The Arizona Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that voters in November will get the chance to decide whether to tax wealthy Arizonans to provide more funding to public schools, overturning a lower court that earlier tossed the Invest in Education Act after concluding that organizers crafted a misleading summary of the measure.
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