Election 2020

AZGOP Chair Kelli Ward is making up claims about ‘hidden’ precinct voting data

Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward falsely accused Maricopa County of hiding election data that political parties get special access to and that is readily available to the public on the county’s website.

Maricopa County GOP chair rejects accuracy test to help Trump ‘get back into office’

Brickman told Arizona Mirror that the accuracy test conducted Wednesday showed the vote-counting machines were working properly, and that her dissent is aimed at overturning the election result.

New election conspiracy centers on email from an election official reminding workers of a new policy The conspiracy has...

The right-wing Twittersphere continues to be outraged that Maricopa County voters were handed Sharpie markers to fill out their ballots on Election Day, and has now incorrectly seized on an email from a county election official as “evidence” that the markers were intended to cheat President Donald Trump out of reelection.

Judge dismisses AZGOP lawsuit over Maricopa County hand count The Arizona Republican Party is also ordered to pay attorneys'...

Maricopa County will proceed with its canvass of the 2020 general election after a judge dismissed a lawsuit from the Arizona Republican Party that sought to halt certification of the election results while it challenged the way the county conducted a hand count of ballots.

Republicans reject perfect election accuracy testing, demand hand recount of Biden’s win

As representatives from Maricopa County political parties observed the standard post-election accuracy test on Wednesday, Arizona Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward doubled down on calls for a complete hand count of the nearly 2.1 million votes cast in the county in a continued attempt by Republican officials to reverse President Donald Trump’s loss in Arizona.   

Ducey refuses to say Biden won or condemn baseless election fraud claims

Though all ballots have now been counted in the state, Gov. Doug Ducey wouldn’t declare Joe Biden the winner of Arizona’s 11 electoral votes and wouldn’t reject outright the evidence-free claims of fraud being made about the outcome of the election here.

AZGOP lawsuit over election audit, voting centers, faces a skeptical judge

An attorney for the Arizona Republican Party struggled to explain to a skeptical judge on Wednesday why Maricopa County should be forced to re-audit ballots cast at polling places earlier this month.

A purple Maricopa County means Republicans need to find a center that may no longer exist

There was no blue wave in 2020. Not in Maricopa County, anyway. But there wasn’t a red wall, either.

Arizona never elected a Latina to statewide office until 2020, when it elected two

Two Latinas, one Democrat and one Republican, were the top vote getters in the race for three seats in the Arizona Corporation Commission, marking the first time in Arizona history that a Latina has been elected to a statewide seat. 

Several counties didn’t hand count ballots because political parties didn’t participate

Several counties didn’t conduct post-election hand counts of ballots because one or more of Arizona’s political parties declined to participate.
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