Report: Broad support in AZ for taxing wealthy to boost education spending

A new analysis of a nationwide survey of public opinion shows strong support in Arizona for a variety of progressive public policies, including taxing the rich and spending more on public education.

English-only education repeal advances in House

The House Education Committee advanced a proposal to ask voters in November to repeal Arizona’s English-only instruction law.

GoDaddy founder to cover tuition for ASU undocumented students

A new private scholarship will cover tuition and academic coaching for 35 immigrant students at Arizona State University who are state residents but don’t qualify for the in-state tuition rate because of a 2006 voter-approved law that prohibits the use of state funds to subsidize tuition for undocumented people. 

GOP lawmakers seek transgender ban on school sports

A Republican legislator from Phoenix wants to ban Arizona transgender students from athletic teams that align with their gender identity. 

Monday Musings: Celebrating MLK amid Trump’s white nationalism

Our current president is not only working against many of the principles espoused by Dr. King, he is also indirectly soliciting white nationalist political support.

Ducey, Senate GOP call for more money to speed up ESA voucher approvals

In the midst of several recent controversies and a PR campaign a prominent school choice advocacy group launched last year against the Democratic superintendent of public instruction, Gov. Doug Ducey wants to give the Department of Education more money to speed up the processing of school voucher applications.

Ducey’s budget calls for new investigators for teacher misconduct

The state would have more investigators to look into teachers accused of misconduct, under the budget proposal unveiled Friday by Gov. Doug Ducey.

Ducey’s $12.3B budget seeks new K-12, public safety spending

In the face of a nearly billion-dollar budget surplus, spending on Arizona students would return to 2001 levels in the coming year under the budget proposal that Gov. Doug Ducey released Friday, with projections to exceed the high-water mark of 2008 next year, when inflation is taken into account.

Arizona is projected to gain a seat in Congress. Here’s why that’s a huge deal

Arizona is projected to gain a U.S. House seat in the coming years, new data show – a change that would increase the state’s influence in national politics and could lead to more money for federally funded projects and services like roads and health care facilities.

Ducey’s bold plan for Arizona? A return to 2008 spending…eventually

We should realize the governor isn’t setting forth a bold, new vision for Arizona’s future, but rather placing us on a path to move back in time, specifically one more in line with the budget priorities of 2008, when a Democratic governor led the state.
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