Ducey’s $12.3B budget seeks new K-12, public safety spending

In the face of a nearly billion-dollar budget surplus, spending on Arizona students would return to 2001 levels in the coming year under the budget proposal that Gov. Doug Ducey released Friday, with projections to exceed the high-water mark of 2008 next year, when inflation is taken into account.

Arizona is projected to gain a seat in Congress. Here’s why that’s a huge deal

Arizona is projected to gain a U.S. House seat in the coming years, new data show – a change that would increase the state’s influence in national politics and could lead to more money for federally funded projects and services like roads and health care facilities.

Ducey’s bold plan for Arizona? A return to 2008 spending…eventually

We should realize the governor isn’t setting forth a bold, new vision for Arizona’s future, but rather placing us on a path to move back in time, specifically one more in line with the budget priorities of 2008, when a Democratic governor led the state.

Senate panel hears anti-sex ed testimony, even after bill declared dead

A series of parents and grandparents told the Senate Education Committee that they believe Arizona’s sex education laws allow for immorality and pornography in schools, urging the committee members to support a bill proposing sweeping reforms that had been declared dead only hours earlier and wasn’t on the agenda.

Allen kills controversial sex ed bill, but vows to bring provisions back

In a fiery speech on the Arizona Senate lawn, Sen. Sylvia Allen said she would will kill her controversial sex education bill  – but vowed to bring the matter back in another piece of legislation. 

Ducey’s plan to combat anti-vaxxers is more PSAs

Arizona is on the precipice of a public health crisis because more and more parents refuse to get their children vaccinated because of misinformation spread by people who say vaccines are dangerous, despite evidence to the contrary.

Sex education reform bill abruptly pulled from committee hearing

A bill that would disallow Arizona students from discussing sex education until the seventh grade was pulled from the Senate Education Commitee by the bill’s sponsor, who heads the committee. 

Ducey touts investments in K-12, rural AZ in State of the State speech

Gov. Doug Ducey promised investments in schools, rural counties and tax cuts for veterans in his sixth State of the State speech Monday, but he shied away from criminal justice reform and sex ed changes  – two issues that will be hotly contested issues at the Capitol as the legislature kicks off its 2020 session.

New push to tax wealthiest Arizonans for K-12 funding launches

Arizona schools would get nearly $1 billion in new funding annually from a tax on the wealthiest Arizonans, under a proposal unveiled Monday by a coalition of teachers, unions and public education advocates.

4 things Ducey will discuss in his state of the state speech

Governors understandably like to keep their state of the state speeches under tight wraps so that their pronouncements land with the desired weight when the governor addresses the full legislature – and the state – from the floor of the Arizona House of Representatives.
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