Tuition bill covering dreamers coming back as striker after Bowers kills original measure

BY: - March 26, 2019

Yesterday, the powerful speaker of the House of Representatives said he was killing a proposal to create a new tuition rate at the state’s universities and community colleges for all who have graduated from an Arizona high school, including dreamers, but Sen. Heather Carter said she’s “working relentlessly” find a way to get the proposal to the governor’s desk.

Political motivations drove elimination of meet-and-confer for college faculty, report claims

BY: - March 25, 2019

A newly released report by the American Association of University Professors claims that the reasoning behind eliminating the meet-and-confer policy at the Maricopa County Community Colleges District was politically motivated, according to records they obtained during an investigation.


Republicans boast about K-12 funding, but the numbers put the lie to their claims

BY: - March 18, 2019

Some legislative Republicans are slapping themselves on the back hard enough to give each other injuries as they crow about the great state of K-12 funding.

Turning Point USA holding event at ASU this month

BY: - March 14, 2019

Turning Point USA, the controversial conservative grassroots network for college and high school students, will be holding an event at Arizona State University next week. The organization is known for going after colleges for practices it feels support liberal ideology and suppress conservative ideas. The event, dubbed “Campus Clash,” will feature TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk, […]


State forcing schools to steal from Peter to pay for Mary

BY: - March 13, 2019

I know, because I was one of those parents. Like so many others, I spent thousands of dollars out of my own pocket on private therapies.

Bill to repeal Arizona’s English-only law moves forward

BY: - March 13, 2019

Arizona lawmakers widely support a measure that would repeal a voter-approved policy forbidding bilingual education.

As e-cigarette use climbs, schools address the problem with vape detectors and information

BY: - March 12, 2019

Kyrene Aprende Middle School in Chandler installed 20 vape detectors in seventh and eighth grade restrooms in February, as part of a pilot program for the district.


Arizona should be ashamed that heavily minority districts are being shorted $129M

BY: - February 28, 2019

Arizona actually notched the highest ranking in a new national study of school districts. Unfortunately, it is cause for embarrassment instead of celebration


The legislature lacks courage for real charter reform, despite outcry

BY: - February 26, 2019

It seems the charter school industry is far too powerful and legislators are far too chicken to seriously consider real charter school reform.

Tuition bill covering dreamers approved by Senate

BY: - February 20, 2019

The state Senate on Wednesday approved a bill to offer a special tuition rate to all graduates of Arizona high schools that will cover immigrants known as dreamers.

ESA bill that GOP supporters said wasn’t an expansion will cost $1.7M over 3 years

BY: - February 20, 2019

The Joint Legislative Budget Committee conducted a fiscal analysis of a bill that Republican lawmakers insisted in committee last week didn’t expand who could participate in the state’s school voucher program, and concluded what was obvious to everyone but the GOP backers of the bill: It expands enrollment and will thus cost the state more money.

UA professor sues state over denial of health-care coverage to transgender employees

BY: - February 19, 2019

A transgender University of Arizona professor has sued the state over financial access to surgery his doctor said is medically necessary.