AG can’t prosecute UA students who protested Border Patrol agents

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office has no plans to follow through on the calls from two GOP legislators that it prosecute three University of Arizona students who disrupted an event last month while protesting U.S. Border Patrol agents who were guest speakers.

High stakes for AZ as Supreme Court grapples with census question

For Arizona, the 2020 Census will determine whether the state gets a 10th congressional seat.

Vaping industry, health groups spar over dueling bills

As public health advocates try to curb an epidemic of vaping among teenagers, the vaping industry and its critics are pushing rival pieces of legislation that would change the way e-cigarettes and similar products are regulated.

Yuma school considering ending policy requiring state ID for enrollment, Dept. of Ed says

Update: An earlier version of this story reported information from the Arizona Department of Education stating the Yuma Union High School District ended its unlawful enrollment policy. ADE retracted the information, and clarified YUHSD...

AZ teachers face worst ‘pay penalty’ in the nation

The weekly pay of teachers in Arizona is barely two-thirds what other college-educated workers in the Grand Canyon State are paid, the worst rate in the United States.

Ward defends her legislative record on education funding

As Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward touted a plan by Sen. Sylvia Allen and Rep. Michelle Udall to raise the sales tax rate to provide more funding for K-12 schools, she glossed over...

The AZGOP chair is calling on Democrats to roll GOP legislative leaders

Hell, it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where even half of the GOP lawmakers support asking voters to increase the sales tax.

Republicans reeling after AZGOP chair Ward supports sales tax increase

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward, a conservative firebrand who for years has championed the party’s grassroots base, is throwing the weight of the Arizona Republican Party behind an effort to increase the state sales tax to better fund education.

Instead of reforming charters, Ducey wants to reward bad actors

Instead of holding bad actors accountable, the governor is proposing large bonuses that will help some of the very schools who took advantage of lax regulations and filled their executives’ pockets with millions in taxpayer-funded largesse.

ACLU: Yuma high school unlawfully requires parents provide state ID to enroll students

According to the ACLU, administrators at the San Luis High School require a parent or guardian provide a state-issued ID to enroll a student.
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