Cyberbully solutions: Target becomes an activist; ASU researchers develop Instagram app

PHOENIX - After long days of torment at middle school, Grace Martinez would come home, eat dinner and do her chores. But as she as soon as she was alone, behind her bedroom door,...

K-12 teachers learn ways to bring Native American history, traditions to the classroom

“It’s all about empowerment,” Craig said. “It’s all about owning your story and it’s all about finding a way to tell it in the best way you can.”

New generation of dreamers gears up for fights, hopes for wins

For more than a decade, immigrants lacking a legal status who arrived in the country as children have pushed for a pathway to citizenship. Known as “dreamers,” these youth have been arrested in demonstrations, stopped deportations of family members and strangers, sued the state of Arizona, won the right to obtain driver’s licenses and lost in-state tuition.

Arizona ranks 46th for childhood well-being, Kids Count report says

Arizona scrapes along the bottom of the nation in children’s well-being, ranking 46th in 2019 Kids Count data released Monday. Lack of affordable housing emerged as a pressure point.

There is still so much to do for Arizona’s students, despite 2019 gains

While Arizona’s spending on education is growing faster than the national average, we’ve been too far behind for too long, and this year’s reinvestment doesn’t do much to make up the gap.

Ducey signs bill to rein in STO growth

Gov. Doug Ducey on Thursday signed a bill that will rein in unchecked growth in a program that provides tax income credits to corporations that contribute money to scholarships for students to attend private K-12 schools.

Tobin steps down from lucrative ASU gig after landing director job

Someone besides Andy Tobin will have to help show newly elected legislators the ropes after the next election.

Compromise bill caps corporate tax credits for private school tuition

A future drain on state revenues has likely been averted after lawmakers were able to reach an elusive agreement to cap a program that provides tax credits to companies that fund scholarships for students to attend private schools.

Ducey signs 2020 state budget

Gov. Doug Ducey on Friday morning signed the budget passed by legislators earlier in the week. The $11.8 billion spending plan goes into effect July 1.

The 2020 state budget, annotated

After more than a week of debate, the legislature on Monday approved its $11.8 billion spending plan for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins on July 1.