Native American women are missing and murdered. Will the federal government act?

Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind was 22, eight months pregnant, and looking forward to her baby shower the following day when she went missing on a sunny August afternoon in 2017.She had gone to a neighbor’s apartment in Fargo, N.D., where she had been asked to help with a sewing project. She never came home.

Statewide LGBTQ protections earn bipartisan support at Capitol

In the wake of a 2019 Arizona Supreme Court ruling striking down a Phoenix requirement that companies can’t discriminate against LGBTQ customers, there is a bipartisan push at the Arizona Capitol to protect LGBTQ Arizonans.

A win-win for activists and Phoenix police? Yup, it’s possible

There are some Phoenix activists who believe the city’s police department has a systemic problem with police brutality.Others believe the problems are inconsequential, and the activists are part of a larger effort to wage a war on cops.

Bill could make it harder to enroll children in public schools, critics say

A House bill from a Yuma Republican would require parents, guardians or caregivers to provide proof of legal custody when enrolling their children in school, a measure that a civil rights group said could infringe on a student’s right to a public elementary and secondary education.

English-only education repeal advances in House

The House Education Committee advanced a proposal to ask voters in November to repeal Arizona’s English-only instruction law.

GOP lawmakers seek transgender ban on school sports

A Republican legislator from Phoenix wants to ban Arizona transgender students from athletic teams that align with their gender identity.

Lawrence walks back anti-refugee comments, makes excuses

Lawrence told Fox 10 he “absolutely misspoke.” He said to ABC15 that his comments were “taken out of context.” And he stated to KTAR he was “taunted by someone” to say he is OK with being called a bigot, something that was “a mistake” and “was dumb on my part.”

Democrats pushing package of criminal justice reform bills in 2020

As hopes fly high for a legislative session that will succeed in passing meaningful criminal justice reform, Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday unveiled a detailed agenda that includes giving more inmates a chance to reduce their prison sentence and freeing judges from issuing mandatory sentences.

Top Dem: Jay Lawrence refugee comments ‘shocking and mean-spirited’

The top Democrat in the Arizona House of Representatives has condemned Republican Rep. Jay Lawrence for saying he is bigoted against refugees.

Extremist group Patriot Movement AZ agrees to settle federal lawsuit with Valley churches

Members of the extremist group Patriot Movement AZ have reached an agreement in a federal lawsuit brought by small Hispanic churches who sued them for disrupting their work of welcoming migrant families.
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