Conservative media can’t see that women like Jill Biden are more than their marital status

Like women who choose to use Ms. instead of Mrs. or Miss, Biden has a title that does not designate marital status. And for people like Joseph Epstein, that’s Jill Biden’s real transgression.

Tree planting project in South Phoenix to remember COVID-19 victims, survivors

Two local nonprofits have launched a new project in South Phoenix that seeks to commemorate people who have died from COVID-19 and those who have survived the deadly respiratory disease. 

Will the Joe Biden administration ‘look like America’?

There’s a political puzzle being solved in Washington, largely behind the scenes, as President-elect Joe Biden settles on a slew of cabinet appointments he’s promised will “look like America.”

So-called ‘Latino vote’ is 32 million Americans with diverse political opinions and national origins

Pundits are expressing surprise that so many Latinos voted for Donald Trump. But pollsters who specialize in the Latino vote knew for months before the election that Latino support for Biden was soft, with many...

Arizona never elected a Latina to statewide office until 2020, when it elected two

Two Latinas, one Democrat and one Republican, were the top vote getters in the race for three seats in the Arizona Corporation Commission, marking the first time in Arizona history that a Latina has been elected to a statewide seat. 

Shaped by Tohono O’odham history, Pima County elects an O’odham woman

The late Catherine Josemaria, a Tohono O'odham woman born before Native Americans were granted U.S. citizenship, before women across the country could vote, before people who didn’t speak English could access ballots in their language, has a granddaughter who is now an elected official in Pima County.

Police need to report missing persons cases into national database to address MMIWG cases

Arizona law enforcement agencies need to begin reporting all missing persons cases into a national database if the state hopes to understand the scope of its cases involving missing or murdered indigenous women, a legislative study committee recommended Wednesday.

‘They want to ruin us’: Activists say police, prosecutors use targeted arrests to chill protests

On the afternoon of Oct. 3, Lee Percy Christian III, a young Black activist who’s spent months protesting the deaths of Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement, was again speaking to a crowd of hundreds in downtown Phoenix. 

Census count coming to early end

The U.S. Census Bureau is ending its field and online data collection for its once-in-a-decade headcount on Thursday, two weeks before the Oct. 31 deadline, sparking worries that Arizonans may be undercounted.  On Tuesday, the...

UnidosUS, largest Latino advocacy group, zeroes in on Arizona

The head of UnidosUS, the largest Latino advocacy group in the nation, is spending the first week of early voting in Arizona to support and promote efforts by local groups to mobilize the 1.2 million eligible Latino voters in the state. 
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