10 years after SB1070, ‘We Are Still Here’ showcases art of those impacted

The exhibit, titled “We Are Still Here,” marks the 10-year anniversary of the controversial state immigration enforcement law Senate Bill 1070.

Senate panel hears anti-sex ed testimony, even after bill declared dead

A series of parents and grandparents told the Senate Education Committee that they believe Arizona’s sex education laws allow for immorality and pornography in schools, urging the committee members to support a bill proposing sweeping reforms that had been declared dead only hours earlier and wasn’t on the agenda.

Sex education reform bill abruptly pulled from committee hearing

A bill that would disallow Arizona students from discussing sex education until the seventh grade was pulled from the Senate Education Commitee by the bill’s sponsor, who heads the committee.

A Latino in the White House? Not yet, but why not?

It took 220 years for us to elect our first African American president.Looks like it’ll take a bit longer before we elect our first Latino.When news broke last week that Julian Castro had dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination, I wasn’t terribly surprised.

Fillmore bills target Arizona transgender community

A top Republican on the House Education Committee is pushing a trio of bills aimed at the transgender community in Arizona, including penalizing schools for referring to a student by a pronoun that isn’t the gender associated with their biological sex.

Propaganda as polling

When an organization that defines itself as fighting the expansion of rights for LGBTQ Arizonans announces the results of a poll it commissioned and declares that Arizona voters “are not close” to support for LGBTQ rights – and are dramatically different than previous opinion polls – one should take note.

Who are the ‘forgotten students’ Betsy DeVos claims she wants to help?

A recent op-ed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had me questioning whether or not I was reading an article meant for the satirical news site The Onion.

‘We can help ourselves:’ Native women come together to confront high rates of maternal mortality

As the sun begins to set on a blustery fall day, the rugged buttes of Navajoland glow red in the soft light and swift gusts spiral dust through the air.

To ease teacher shortage, pilot program in Tucson offers free tuition, $1,000 a month

The University of Arizona and a neighboring school district are working on a pilot program aimed at filling a teacher shortage to “grow” Tucson residents into teachers, offering free tuition and paying them $1,000 monthly stipends.

‘Diversity’ isn’t code for ‘white genocide’

Part of what I think drives white supremacists’ hatred of Latinos is the irrational belief that achieving the so called American Dream is a zero-sum aspiration. The thinking is that if I achieve the American Dream, then you will not.
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