Biden taps expert in Native American law as top lawyer at Interior

President Joe Biden nominated Native American law expert Robert Anderson, an enrolled member of the Bois Forte Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, to be solicitor of the Interior Department Wednesday.

New unit launched at Interior to investigate cases of missing and murdered Indigenous people

The U.S. Department of the Interior is creating a new unit to lead and help coordinate investigations into the ongoing crisis of murdered and missing American Indian and Alaska Native people. Interior Secretary Debra Haaland,...

Here’s what Ducey left out of his pitch to Californians

Ducey painted a flattering picture of Arizona as a place of small government and big innovation.  But he left something out: Californians, and anyone moving to Arizona, should know about its law enforcement

How the quest for significance and respect underlies the white supremacist movement

I am a psychologist who studies the human quest for significance and respect. My research reveals that this basic motivation is a major force in human affairs. It shapes the course of world history and determines the destiny of nations.

Schools chief rejects GOP request to defund school district for ‘1619 Project’ lessons

The Arizona Department of Education won’t act on a request from a Republican state lawmaker to take funding away from a Phoenix school district that serves low-income students because it adopted curriculum from “The 1619 Project,” which examines the legacy slavery in the U.S. 

Paul Gosar spoke to a white nationalist conference, and they chanted his name

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar surveyed the crowd as he settled in at the podium for the Feb. 26 headlining speech at the America First Political Action Conference, an event organized by a young white nationalist.

Police officers with untreated mental illness are the real danger

Johnny Law is deathly afraid of mental illness. And that fear creates a threat to the public: Police officers with untreated mental health issues remaining on duty.

I know firsthand the deadly effects of environmental racism

I charge the city of Phoenix with negligent homicide for willfully ignoring the impact of environmental racism on Black and Brown people and for perpetrating miscarriages in South Phoenix. 

Ethics complaints filed over GOP anti-LGBTQ comments

Republican state Reps. John Fillmore and Kevin Payne are both facing ethics complaints for anti-LGBTQ and discriminatory comments made Wednesday during a Government and Elections Committee meeting.

Editor’s Thought Bubble: The cruelty is a feature, not a bug

The heartfelt pleas of parents who are downright scared for their children's lives meant nothing to Republican legislators yesterday in the House Government and Elections Committee, as they brushed aside their concerns to make...
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