Criminal Justice & Policing

Tempe blurs all police body camera footage public records requests

The Tempe Police Department’s policy for releasing body worn camera footage dictates that all videos will be entirely blurred by default, something that open-government advocates say violates Arizona’s public records law. 

Courts limit in-person hearings, won’t pick juries because of coronavirus

Arizona courts are sharply limiting in-person proceedings and are halting jury selection until the end of March to comply with public health recommendations aimed at limiting spread of the coronavirus.

Ice cream licking leads to legislation some say isn’t needed

A viral social media trend last summer — people posting images of themselves opening and licking ice cream before putting it back on the shelf — did not sit well with state Rep. T.J....

‘Brady List’ appeal bill heads to the Senate

A bill championed by the state’s largest police union that would allow officers to appeal being put on a list used by prosecutors to identify dishonest law enforcement agents is one step closer to becoming law, though without a controversial provision that sought to shroud the list in secrecy. 

Bill to define anti-Semitism passes state House Critics, including the ACLU and 54 other groups, argue the bill criminalizes...

A bill that would incorporate a definition of anti-Semitism into Arizona law has sparked opposition from critics who say it would criminalize speech protected by the First Amendment.  House Bill 2683 incorporates the definition of...

Tempe police chief on the defensive at first ever community issues meeting

A year after the controversial police shooting of 14-year-old Antonio Arce and just weeks after prosecutors declined to charge the officer involved, Tempe Police Chief Sylvia Moir was on the defensive during a first-ever community meeting in the City of Tempe. 

Bill would limit how students and teachers can communicate

A bill making its way through the legislature aims to curb child sexual abuse by barring school employees from communicating with students using electronic means that aren’t approved by a school district.

Ducey on sanctuary cities: We’ve done ‘all we’re going to do’

Gov. Doug Ducey signaled Monday he doesn’t support a bill that defines sanctuary cities in state law, requires compliance with immigration detainers and would allow crime victims to sue local governments that don’t comply with state immigration enforcement laws. 

Finding justice requires leadership at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office

As a mother of a child lost to senseless gun violence, Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel’s recent decision not to charge a Tempe police officer in the death of a teenager hits hard.

Senator cites conspiracy theory in opposing child safety bill

A Mesa Republican cited an unfounded conspiracy theory that “sexual predators” are stealing children from the Arizona Department of Child Safety as a reason for his opposition to a proposal that would mandate schools post information on child abuse and neglect. 
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