Criminal Justice & Policing

Fentanyl crimes would face stiffer sentences under GOP lawmaker’s proposal

A Prescott Republican lawmaker is pushing to impose harsher prison sentences for dealing fentanyl, even while supporting a broader push for criminal justice reform that would reduce the number of Arizonans behind bars.

AZ to get federal coordinator for MMIWG cases following executive order

Arizona will be one of the first of 11 states to receive a new federal coordinator with the U.S. Attorney’s Office that will help with cases of murdered and missing indigenous women and girls as part of a new federal task force.

Task force calls for new laws, education to combat child sex abuse

A task force the governor created to help guide lawmakers on possible changes to state laws involving child victims of sexual abuse in Arizona made its final recommendations on Friday.

Phoenix police use stop-and-frisk tactics on light rail fare sweeps, groups allege

Advocates for working-class minority communities and immigrant rights activists are criticizing the Phoenix Police Department and Valley Metro over security sweeps on the light rail transit system that they likened to stop-and-frisk tactics that disproportionately subject black and Latino people to police searches.

Arizona Town Hall panelists discuss criminal justice reform and families

A panel discussion led by the non-profit Arizona Town Hall focused on the harm incarcerated parents have on the health of their families and how criminal justice reforms can play a role in helping alleviate some of those issues in the state.

AZ groups cite ‘extreme danger,’ call for ICE to release all detained transgender migrants

Two Arizona groups are asking the federal government to release all transgender migrants held in immigration detention centers, alleging they face “extreme danger” while in detention.

Supes set date for Petersen to appeal suspension, order investigation

After spending three hours in executive session with lawyers, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to give Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen a date to appeal his suspension and requested the county...

Tucson voters reject sanctuary city initiative in landslide

An effort to limit Tucson police officers from inquiring about the immigration status of people they stop was voted down by a wide margin, according to unofficial results from Tuesday’s election.The ballot initiative, Proposition...

Arizona CenturyLink customer data leaked online

Information including the names, physical addresses, emails, account numbers and conversation logs of Arizona CenturyLink customers have been leaked in an online database for 10 months, according to researchers.

Phoenix vice-mayor backs Phoenix police union on officer firings

Phoenix Vice-Mayor Jim Waring has stated that he disagrees with Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams firing of two police officers, according to an email posted by the Phoenix police union.
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