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Top GOP senator: Shredded ballots will ‘evaporate’ if given to the AG Sonny Borrelli also speculated that "high-level people"...

A top-ranking Senate Republican said the Republican AG can't be trusted with alleged election fraud evidence and that “high-level people” might murder him because of his efforts to force the Senate-led election audit.

Prosecutors must be held accountable for charging protesters as gang members

When I became a prosecutor, what attracted me to the job was the mission – acting in the interest of justice. This means protecting public safety while holding people accountable within the bounds of the law.

Police officers with untreated mental illness are the real danger

Johnny Law is deathly afraid of mental illness. And that fear creates a threat to the public: Police officers with untreated mental health issues remaining on duty.

House passes bill to require convictions before seizing assets

Property rights and criminal justice reform advocates are a step closer to achieving their elusive goal of requiring law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to get a conviction before permanently seizing property allegedly connected to a crime.

Committee advances sentencing reform legislation

A bill that would reduce Arizona’s harsh criminal sentencing requirements passed its first hurdle of the new legislative session, giving hope to advocates that 2021 might be different than the past two years, where early optimism quickly turned into disappointment.

Political prosecutions could increase if harsh anti-First Amendment bill becomes law

If the bill passes, people making their voices heard with tactics from the Civil Rights era — like sit-ins, boycotts, and the March to Selma — could be charged with felonies that carry prison time.

Trump and abettors like Ducey must be held accountable

Everyone responsible for the Capitol assault must be held accountable. It’s a basic tenet of our democracy that no one, not the president and certainly not a marauding band of white nationalists, is above the law.

Bill would mandate redactions on body camera footage

A legislative proposal that would require any police body camera footage have nearly all faces blurred before it is released to the public would defeat the purpose of the cameras, critics say.  The measure, House...

Measure to let dishonest cops appeal placement on Brady List back again

A bill that would allow officers to appeal being placed on a list used by prosecutors that lets them know if an officer has been caught doing something dishonest is back for another try this legislative session, this time without a controversial measure that would have kept the list a secret. 

Bowers revives sex offender registry bill

House Speaker Rusty Bowers is taking another shot at passing legislation making it easier for some people to get their names off the state’s sex offender registry.
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