Criminal Justice & Policing

AP: Migrant children detained at Phoenix hotel

Migrant minors are being detained in a Hampton Inn & Suites hotel in Phoenix, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

What kinds of surveillance equipment do Arizona police have?

In the wake of protests across the country against police violence, a digital privacy nonprofit evaluated what technology law enforcement agencies across the country are able to use to track and surveil protesters. 

Republican JP candidate: Blacks ‘blame slavery’ for problems they caused

In response to an Instagram post showing support for Black Lives Matter demonstrators, a GOP justice of the peace candidate wrote that it was “time to start putting these idiots in their place.”

Payson police got a smoke generator from a Navy ship

The Payson Police Department thought it was getting a cell phone jammer in 2011 through a government program that gives surplus military equipment to law enforcement agencies, but instead found itself the not-so-proud owner of a smokescreen device from a U.S. Navy ship. 

Arizona police have gotten $90 million of military equipment, weapons

Arizona police have received more than $90 million in military equipment since 1998, including $3.4 million in the first half of 2020, an Arizona Mirror analysis finds.

MCAO data dashboard praised as ‘first step,’ but advocates want more info

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is now making a plethora of information available online about the cases it prosecutes, helping to bring Arizona’s most populous county and largest prosecutorial agency in line with a longtime objective of the criminal justice reform movement.

Migrant detention center operators defend response to COVID-19 in facilities

The head of the private company that runs a migrant detention center in Eloy told a House panel Monday he is “immensely proud” of its operations, even as lawmakers questioned its response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Case dismissed against Winslow store owner

The owner of a Native American jewelry store in Winslow who was cited for allegedly violating Gov. Doug Ducey’s executive order shuttering nonessential businesses during the early days of the COVID-19 crisis won his...

COVID-19 outbreaks in AZ child detention centers worry advocates

As COVID-19 infection rates and hospitalizations continue to reach record levels in Arizona, some advocates worry that children in detention and rehabilitation centers are at risk and in the blind spot of public health agencies that are grappling with a furious spread of the illness in the broader community.

Study: Body cameras didn’t reduce use of force for Tempe patrol officers

A study of the Tempe Police Department found that body-worn cameras did not decrease the use of force among regular patrol officers, but did have an effect among the agency’s specialized units. 
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