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AG rejects GOP claim, says Democratic lawmaker’s son voted legally

The Attorney General’s Office rejected a conservative activist's attempt to have a Democratic legislator’s son charged with a felony for casting ballots in Arizona elections while living in New York, finding no indication that he’d violated voter registration residency laws.

The county attorney misunderstands why our community doesn’t trust law enforcement

Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel recently declined to bring charges against George Cervantes, the Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper who shot and killed Dion Johnson, an African American man sleeping in his car on Memorial Day. 

Ducey begins plan to equip DPS troopers with body cameras

Gov. Doug Ducey plans to acquire 150 body cameras for the Department of Public Safety, the first step in a larger proposal to equip all state troopers with cameras.

No charges for trooper in Dion Johnson’s death, family will file civil suit

It was a day Erma Johnson had been dreading would arrive, the day when no criminal charges in the homicide case involving her son and an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper will be...

Arizona voters back legal pot and a tax hike on the rich to fund schools

Majorities of Arizona voters say they support ballot measures that would legalize marijuana and tax the wealthy to increase funding for schools and raise teacher salaries, according to a new poll.

I worked at Homeland Security. The agency’s ‘shocking’ actions ignore constitutional basics.

During my work at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security during the Obama administration, I constantly met colleagues whose journeys brought them to DHS because they were moved by 9/11 or a passion to achieve immigration reform. These colleagues and their unique journeys often inspired me. 

How much reform do voters want from the next Maricopa County attorney?

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has moved away from the hardline, tough-on-crime attitude it had for nearly a decade under Bill Montgomery’s tenure — the question for voters in November will be exactly how much of a departure they want to make.

Justices strike down enhanced sentencing law for gang ties

Judges and prosecutors cannot impose harsher sentences on gang members who threaten others unless there’s a connection between the crime and the defendant’s membership in a gang, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled.

New group aims to create citizen oversight board for corrections system

A new organization hopes to convince the legislature and governor to create a citizen oversight board for the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry.

Penzone, Sheridan: ICE will continue to have a place inside county jails

Regardless of whether Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone or challenger Jerry Sheridan wins election in November, a vestige of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s time helming the agency will remain in place: federal immigration agents screening every person booked into the county's jails.
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